Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Saga of Layers

So, Eric was looking at our bathroom wall, and was concerned that the previous owners had painted over wallpaper. I get curious easily, so I chipped away at the paint in a small corner. Lo and behold. They actually did NOT paint over wallpaper. Rather, they painted over, oh, about 4 layers of paint.

Oh, the many strange colors it seems my bathroom has been... mind you, the bathroom tiles are light blue and black. First, white. Okay, fine. Then biscuit, followed by light blue. Makes some sense. Bright orange?? Umm... strange taste. Yellow? Not a terrible color, but definitely doesn't go with the tile. And then, back to white. Which, it seems, they painted over mildew, as well. Yay.


  1. You may mock it, but we totally had a bright orange bathroom in our Virginia house and got sooo many compliments on it. It was the kids' bath, and it was really cool with the shower curtain and everything.

  2. Perhaps, but keep in mind that the tile along the rest of the bathroom wall is black and light blue. So... yah.



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