Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whoo!!! 1076!!!

I did it!!! The first two miles were downhill and pretty easy. Coming back, mile three wasn't too bad, either. I just kept a steady pace. A lot of people passed me, but that was fine!

The last mile was straight uphill. At one point I thought I might poop my pants. But I didn't!!!! Yay :) I wanted to stop a number of times to walk, but I would just look at the next street sign, focus on it, and tell myself I just had to make it that far. It worked - I crossed the finish line without having to stop once! Oh, except once right at the beginning because my shoe came untied... but I don't count that!

I almost won, except for those 1,075 people that made it across the finish line before me. Counting me, there were a total of 1,213 runners. I'm quite proud of my place, especially for my first race!

My goal was to finish the race under 50 minutes. My time? 45:52. Yay!!

Picture/video update:



  1. That is so awesome! I would to do something like that.

  2. Congrats! I just signed up for a half-marathon in November, so I'm glad I'm not alone in my running craze. :)

  3. something to be proud of! And you did it in the cold rain!!!



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