Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make It and Love It Giveaway!

I follow this blog called Make It and Love It, which has really cute ideas for all kinds of items you can make (and love!). She's having a giveaway here for a $100 credit in Quality Custom Designs etsy shop, and I totally want some roman shades! Go check it out and try to win for yourself!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

I planned on having a nice, long, relaxing spring break, in which I would have plenty of time to grade the 40 web site projects I have waiting for me. Instead, I haven't touched a single project, yet. Monday - okay, no excuse this day. It was gray and rainy, I still had all week, and I spent the day watching a Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon. Tuesday - Woke up early to get blood work done. Met 10 students at the Holocaust Museum for an optional (extra credit) field trip at 10am. Got home around 2pm and crashed on the couch. Wednesday - early appointment, went for an afternoon run (for the first time since the race, yeesh!), then had to take advantage of the beautiful weather with a friend at dinner. Thursday - Had to drive 30 minutes west to meet Eric and his mom at a doctor's appointment, drove her another 40 minutes home, took her to the bank, made sure she was all good to go, drove an hour back home, walked to the mall to pick up birthday presents for Alivia, went on a long walk with a friend and Ramona. Friday - that's today. We have to leave in an hour to drive two hours to Eric's great-aunt's funeral. Won't be home until late. Saturday - GRADE. Dinner party that evening. Sunday - Alivia's birthday. Will be gone for the day. Hope I can get it all done tomorrow!

Love, love, love this picture of Alivia at the park with her daddy. She gives really cute high fives :)

It makes me think back to another picture of them I loved from a year ago. How quickly the time flies.

Yes, Eric's great-aunt died. She had cancer and just wasn't doing well in general. I'm going to miss her. She was always so kind and warm. She loved telling stories of the "haunted" house she grew up in. Well, she really believed it was haunted (I think maybe by George Washington, or someone, I can't remember exactly). I'm not so much convinced about the ghost thing. She also liked to read palms. She said good things about mine :) She never complained. She always wanted to just make sure everyone else was doing okay. Her absence at the next Thanksgiving will be strange.

Back to something more happy and hopeful. Alivia's hair is VERY fine and is taking a while to grow. It's finally just long enough that my sister put teeny-tiny little pigtails in with ribbons. Cute!! PS. Alivia loves to be naked :) PPS. I thought she was eating a chicken wing here, but it's just a bagel!

I really, really love gardening. It's so therapeutic and relaxing for me. I have a habit of going outside and seeing one weed I want to pull or one branch I want to prune, and then spending the next three hours working. All of my plants are still very young - I planted either last year or last week. I can't wait until they've matured and I can really see how beautiful it all looks. Oh, also, I just planted three raspberry bushes. Yum! They won't fruit until next year, though. I can't wait! Eric has built himself four garden boxes and is growing all sorts of vegetables. He's even attempting corn and watermelon - I sure hope those work!!

We're getting a bunch of work done on our house this year. Our current budget is much smaller than it will be next year, as we're still paying off wedding bills, etc. Next year will be the BIG projects, which will be fun. This year, though, we still have a lot going on. We're getting our driveway paved, painting the exterior of the house, making a couple of fixes to the basement, and doing as much renovation to the bathroom that we can with whatever money we have leftover (based on the cost of the driveway). I'll actually be doing some of the bathroom myself. I found this great website, Wallpaper for Windows, where I got a frosted tint for the bathroom windows. It took about five minutes to apply and they look great!

I thought about posting an April Fool's joke on Facebook yesterday about being pregnant. Eric said it wasn't funny, though. So, I didn't. Ha, I thought it would have been great! :) I've never really been one for April Fool's Day, though. I hated it growing up. My dad and brother both loved playing pranks on us. I remember just about every single year getting soaked at the kitchen sink because one of them put a rubber band around the sprayer nozzle, so that when the faucet was turned on, the water came out of the nozzle, instead. Every year! I never remember. Sigh.



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