Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog share, blog share, blog share!

From Bright Yellow World:

Blog share!

It seems like every conversation I have with another blogger this week centers around the theme of anonymity… and how much we all kind of miss having it. Not daily, mind you, but for the things that we really really really really want to say, that have been building up for weeks or months, and that we cannot publish on our own pages.
And so, with permission of the glorious, lovely, beautiful, noble -R-, I am coordinating a blog share day.
For those of you who are unfamiliar, I’ve participated in several of -R-’s blog shares. Basically, you are invited to write your anonymous post, which you will then email to me at brightyellowworld at gmail dot com. I will delete any and all identifying information from your post, and will then send it along to another blogger. On Monday, May 24, everyone will post the entry that was sent to them anonymously. I’ll create a list of all the participating blogs, which you can share on your blog.
The rules are simple, and I’m just going to quote -R- here:
1) You have to publish whatever post I send you on the selected date, and 2) you can’t publicly acknowledge which post you wrote. Even if your post is bland or funny, it’s not fair to everyone else if you admit which post is yours. However, do keep in mind that someone may still be able to figure out what post you wrote.
Now, -R- is an amazing organizer, and manages to keep track of folks who sign up in comments, who email her, who facebook her, etc. I am not that good, people. Therefore, please sign up no later than Saturday, May 15, by clicking this link and filling out the Google form.
Yes, we’re using Google forms, because I like them. I am a nerd.
I’ll need to receive your anonypost by Thursday, May 20. And feel free to pass this along to anyone who might want to participate.
Once again, the pertinent information:
1. Sign up by filling out the form before this Saturday, May 15, at midnight Pacific time.
2. Email your anonymous post to me (brightyellowworld at gmail dot com) by Thursday, May 20.
3. I will send the posts out to their publishers on Saturday, May 22.
4. Posts must be published on Monday, May 24.
Finally… -R- might kill me for this, but I’m taking a risk here. There’s a lot going on in her life right now, so won’t you take a moment and leave a comment, telling her something nice/funny/silly/sweet? I’d really love it if you would do that for her! We love you, -R-!!!


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