Saturday, May 01, 2010


I haven't felt like I really have anything to say lately, but I suppose I do. Last Saturday I ran a 5k for my school. My goal was to finish under 32 minutes... I finished in 32:41. I'll take it.

I registered for my next two races, a 5k in July and a 10k (!!) in September.

The IRS has totally effed us regarding our tax return. We're getting it eventually, but we were expecting to have it by the end of February. We filed the second week of Feb. and went to submit it electronically. Turns out, they made a rule this year that if you're claiming the first time homebuyer's credit (which we are), you have to file by paper. Ugh. So, we hopped on over to the post office and mailed it off with delivery confirmation. They received it on Feb. 13. It's supposed to take 6-8 weeks to receive your return for a paper filing.

I kept checking the website and finally it said we'd be getting our money by April 20. Phew. Well, on April 13 (just OVER 8 weeks after they received our return), we got a letter saying they were missing two items from our return. WHICH, I did send in with the return. We called, asked if we could fax it, they said no, you have to mail it. AND THEN, it's supposed to take 6-8 weeks from the time they receive that to get us our money. AWESOME.

Oh, and by the way, the letter they sent us said "this delay could have been avoided if you had filed your return electronically." W.T.F. We tried!!! YOU wouldn't let us!!

So, hopefully we'll see our money by the end of June.

That's kind of messed with our budget plans just a wee bit.

I've been going strong with my running/eating plan. I downloaded this free app for my iPod Touch called "Lose It." I have my starting weight and my goal plugged in, and the program gives me my calorie target for the day. I track my food and exercise and then get weekly email updates. I'm now exactly 11 pounds down from my heaviest. only 9 more to go!!!!! The program is really motivating for me and is working great!

Also, I got my free Wii DVD from Netflix to watch instantly on my TV. Whoops, I watched all 5 seasons of Weeds in the last 2 1/2 weeks. But, wow, I really loved that show! Hooray for Netflix Instants!!

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