Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slight problem...


My dear husband and I spent hours and hours this weekend in the bathroom, scraping paint, filling holes, sanding, repainting, and even installing a new light fixture. That was all we were really going to do for quite awhile, since that's about all the money and know-how we have for a bathroom project at the moment.

Just as we were finishing up for the night........

The sink fell off the wall. Oh, bully.


  1. That could definitely be a problem. That really is awful. Good thing you were not patching underneath it when it fell. Can you reuse the sink or did it crack? I think there are times when a plumber is needed. This comes from someone who has remodeled several bathrooms, with her husband due to budget concerns. When it comes to stuff like this, a plumber is worth a call. Sorry, it looked so good, like it was really almost ready to paint!

  2. I think if you talked to the guys at a smaller hardware store and looked up some things online you could do this yourself. See if you have a habitat for humanity restore in your area. I bet you could find a good cheap sink there. Good luck, that bites!

  3. Oh, life.

    She really is a wench sometimes, eh?



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