Wednesday, June 02, 2010

10 reasons I think I might be anal-retentive

  1. The toilet paper roll HAS to come over the top. If it's the wrong way, I fix it. Even when I'm not in my own house.
  2. If I see a weed, I want to pull it. No matter where I am. And if Eric lets me get away with pulling one, I won't stop until they're all gone or I'm dragged away.
  3. After eating at a restaurant, I stack up all of the plates, utensils, napkins, straw wrappers, etc., so it's not messy on the table.
  4. Our sink fell off the wall. We bought black tile to replace the holes left. The rest of the tile is blue. They didn't line up perfectly symmetrically with the sink, and it drove me so crazy that I snuck a little black paint from Eric and painted the blue tile. To make it symmetric. 
  5. I might have had a slight panic attack if I would have had to keep looking at that off-center tile.
  6. If I'm grabbing something off a shelf at the store and notice a product not lined up or facing front, I'll fix it so it looks right.
  7. I arrange my cash from smallest bill to biggest and make sure they're all facing the same direction.
  8. If I write something crooked on the board, I erase it until I get it straight.
  9. I get seriously irritated when I see typos on anything in print. Books, menus, signs, flyers, etc. If I have a pen and can get to it, I'll fix them. 
  10. If I have to wait at the doctor's office for 1 minute longer than my appointment time, I start to have major anxiety. So much so that my doctor thinks I have high blood pressure. Except that it's normal every other place I have it checked.
To name a few.


  1. About the toilet paper, I completely agree! Within the last few weeks, the custodial staff at work started putting the rolls in upside-down. Drives me crazy! If I could fix them, I would.

    Typos also drive me nuts. I know it's picky, but even the slightest typo in someone's blog post or status update will make me upset. Especially if said post or update has automatic spell check. That little red line means something, people!

    Similar to typos, I really cannot stand when people post photos sideways. If someone wants to display photos semi-publicly, the person should be considerate enough to figure out how to make it upright.

  2. I don't see what's strange about any of these things, but then again, I am your brother.

  3. The toilet paper coming over the top isn't anal retentive... it's SCIENCE. That's just how it should be.

  4. I know what ewe mean about typos. Thank goodness four spell check two find my errors. Modern technology is grate! I'd bee lost without it :)



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