Monday, June 21, 2010

Livin it and luvin it

LiLu for MTV TJ

Want to know something crazy? I don't even know this girl. I almost knew her once, but then I went to dinner with my husband instead of crossing the river for a LiLu DC happy hour. Shame on me.

Anyway, she's trying to be MTV's first Twitter Jockey (TJ). Sooooooooooo not something I would even know the first thing about doing!! I haven't quite figured out yet why Twitter exists...

But, anyway. She needs people to vote for her. When the voting may be, that is. I think on August 8. 

Some things: a collage bio of her (yes, collage, like in many pictures put together) and a breakdown of the MTV TJ search schedule. Or something.

I could kind of (but not really since I missed the happy hour) know someone super-reality-show famous! Holla.


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