Monday, June 28, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

My heart is crying. I loved our little buggy. It's really surreal to think about your car catching on fire and burning to the ground.

We bought Ramona a new bed and put her crate in the basement. She picked it out at the pet store herself. Do you think she likes it?

My parents told me that you can change your toilet from a single flush to a dual flush without spending the $200 or so on a whole new toilet. Just change the handle. Who knew?? So, $20 and 10 minutes later... look how nice.

My first class of freshmen graduated as seniors last week. I never thought this kid would make it past 9th grade. It's so fun and rewarding to watch them grow up.

A picture of Alivia? Yes, please.

We're getting a patio done in our backyard. I'm looking forward to sitting back there with a cool mojito to mourn the loss of my buggy.

Stage one of my curtain-making summer. This is the first half of my Roman shades for the guest bedroom. I'm still working on the valance that will go across the top. Can you see the cute pattern in the blue? Love it.

The patio is done. Now I have to fix the landscaping around it...



  1. wow!!! on
    Sorry for the loss of your car...

    what a fabulous patio can't wait to see it all landscaped! make sure you take pictures!

  2. i can't believe your bug burned up! how traumatic, truly! glad you're all ok.

    i love your house and i love that pic of your baby doggy, so cute!

    hope you're well!

    miss ya!



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