Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well, I haven't been around for awhile

All last week I was out.

First, I went down to Montpelier for a seminar on the Constitution. It was pretty good, and I got some good materials. Although, I'm not sure if I was in Virginia, or HELL, because it was godawful hot. Wow, my spellchecker let me get away with godawful. Guess that's an official word...?

Then, Eric and I went up to Lancaster County, PA slash Canandaigua, NY for a wedding. Since I wouldn't be getting back home until Friday afternoon, and the NY wedding was Saturday at 3p, and I didn't want to drive 8 hours straight through, we decided to break it up and stay in PA. Then, the plan was to stay Saturday night in NY and drive home Sunday. Well. I couldn't find anywhere in PA or NY that would let us stay for just one night. Oh, we wanted a B&B, not a motel. So, we decided to just drive back to the same B&B in PA. Made for a LOOOOONG Saturday. And yes, I saw a lot of buggies clip-clopping down the road.


Yesterday, I got a gargantuan (also no spell-check alert!) mulch delivery. I spent a couple of hours mulching. I've got everything covered, and still have a pile of mulch about a mile high.

Today, I decided to finish up my curtains. Don't look too closely... once I hung the valance, I realized the stripe wasn't quite straight... but, it's good enough for government work. That is to say, I don't care.



  1. You should bring the mulch to us. I would use it.

    PS, the word verification right now is "wines".

  2. The curtains, your dress, and your patio look great. You are one talented woman!



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