Sunday, August 29, 2010

Advice (and wow, I love that new dress)

Okay, I finally went and picked up some buttons for that green dress. I didn't bring any of the fabric with me, so I bought two different colors, just in case. Now, I can't decide which one to use! I think I know which I like better, but I want to know what everyone else thinks. So... yah.

Also, every time I see the pictures of my brown & white dress, I love it even more!


  1. Just going by the photos I'm liking the dark ones. Where are you getting your patterns? I really like the style of the brown and white dress!

  2. I like the dark ones too!

  3. I third the dark ones...Jen

  4. Marla, both the green dress and the brown/white dress came from New Look 6909. They were pretty easy to put together! I mostly use Simplicity or New Look patterns. They're pretty easy to follow and inexpensive.

  5. I like the dark ones too!



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