Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check one, 30 before 30

Whoot! I can now cross off the first goal on my 30 before 30 list! My goal for #6 was to enter a craft in the county fair. Well, not only one, but two crafts of mine were entered:

And guess who won 2nd place for both of them! Um yes, that is me. How exciting!

I just found out today, because even though the fair ended 9 days ago, I forgot to go get my stuff. So, it was all moved to a church nearby. I was afraid if I went into the church I might burn up.

Ha! But no, I could never get there during their office hours. Until today. Hooray for two red ribbons!



  1. Wow, impressive! Way to go

  2. You are totally inspiring me to make some clothes for myself. All I usually do is make clothes for alexis, but i've decided to do it for ME!! BTW, I'm really impressed with your sewing skills. Way to go on getting 2nd prize at the Fair.

  3. That is awesome! Good job!

  4. wow!!! that's really, really awesome the church didn't burn. good job on the ribbons, too ;-)



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