Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I've been up to

I'm getting ready to cross off my first 30 before 30 item! Even though I don't actually have (even close to) 30 things on there, yet. I'm working on it! Anyway, I have two items ready to enter into the county fair (#6) which happens in a week. I may even get one more item together to enter, but I don't know for sure, yet.

I've sewn a short-sleeved, button-up shirt and a gray pencil skirt so far for work in the fall. You already saw the shirt. Want to know something funny? The day after I finished the shirt, I was pulling some more stuff out of my shopping bag from that particular trip. As I pulled out some navy buttons, I realized I had intended to use those for the shirt, not light blue ones in the picture. Oh well! I don't feel like changing them. The skirt is cute, and I did MUCH better on the button-hole for it once I realized my sewing machine had a different presser foot for that. Whoops.

Eric and I went to Ikea over the weekend to pick up some things. Somehow, we managed to spend over $350. Whoops. Sadly, my favorite (and most needed) item, a table/desk for my sewing machine, came out of the box broken. So, we have to take it back and exchange it. Hassle!

I let Eric pick out my new hair color. He likes redheads. I call it, "Autumn is (hopefully) just around the corner, because it's been 8,000 effing degrees here for months." PS. Ignore the mess on the bed. I made the colossally short-sighted mistake of making all of my thank-you cards for the wedding. They're really cute, but take forever. So.... I'm still working on that.

I started the online course that I'm facilitating yesterday. So far, so good, although there are still five out of 20 students who haven't checked in, yet. And some of them aren't very good about following directions. But, no problemo. There is a huge range of ages and experiences, and I think I'm really going to enjoy facilitating the course!

We got an ADT security system installed yesterday. I'm happy. I was actually surprised at how relatively inexpensive it is. They were running an Internet special when I called. We only paid $99 for the install, all of the equipment came for free, they have a wireless system (so we didn't need to get a landline), and the monitoring fee is just $45/month. Plus, they'll be sending me a $100 Visa gift card! Nice. They're still running the deal at the link above.

So. That's what I've been up to.


  1. Cute skirt, very impressive!

    I like the color of your hair, it works. Plus, your right, with autumn coming up, it just suits you well.

    Are you really making all your Thank You cards? You are so much craftier than I ever thought. Good for you, I wish I had that gift. I could never even color within the lines! A must when you are in Kindergarten and my crafty/artistic skills have gone down hill from there. I don't know where my girls get their art/singing gene.

    I'll have to check out that link for ADT, because it is getting pretty hot around here regarding a school board issue. Hubby being principal, and the sides, lawyers, small town opinions, etc. is getting me a bit nervous. Thanks for the info.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  2. Excellent work on the skirt!!! And yeah I loved red hair, of all the colors I had it was my favorite. I just hated how it faded so quickly though as it did so there were some great shades. Enjoy!



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