Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family pics

I recently realized that Eric and I have about 2 photos together from 2010. So, on our walk with Ramona today, we took some family pictures. Here are a couple. Aww, cute fams :)



  1. What a great looking family!! Michelle, you're looking so great.

  2. Nice work... did you take those on a timer?

  3. Great pictures! Fawad and I have been together 10 years and there's only a handful of photos with us both in them. And there's even fewer of me.

  4. Waaaiiit a minute. You're married to a guy named Eric and you're a teacher? And ex-Mo?

    This is some Twilight Zone kinda stuff. Next you're gonna tell me your husband is a teacher too...? Or that you do the English thing?

    Anyway, my Eric and I need more pictures of us together too, so I completely get this. And yours are fab, btw. Great pics.

  5. @Lisa, that's great! No, he's not a teacher, although he did major in English in undergrad :)

    And I teach World History. Ah, good times!



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