Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I talk a lot more after I've had a glass of wine

I've been drinking wine and browsing the blogs I follow. And commenting a lot. My fingers (and my mouth) tend to akdakcc ncvjknjfakdfklmmc m cdnkj vomit words (in a fun way!) with a bit of wine. Good times, good times.

My dishwasher is coming tomorrow. They said they would give me a 2-hour window for the delivery. They called tonight. The window is 9:00-1:00. Ummmmm....

Good thing I don't have to work tomorrow!

Speaking of. My 2nd period had a test today. There are 25 students in that class (of which 15 are officially identified as special ed). My co-teacher and I had a plan -- he would go to the library to help the kids who hadn't yet finished their study guides.

Turns out, only FOUR out of TWENTY-FIVE students did their study guide. UGH. So, I went with those four to review; he stayed with the 21 to complete the study guide. My four aced their test. SURPRISE. The rest....

Sigh. So discouraging. I don't know what more I can do.

I went to World Market today and wanted to buy EVERYTHING but restrained myself.

Also, I need some dinner. And I miss Miss Alivia. So, I'm taking my dog and my husband and we're going to go visit her on Friday. I wonder how little Bert will be when he comes in March. Bert is my sister's boy-foetus. Fetus? My blogger editor is telling me that fetus is misspelled. But, it's also telling me that blogger is misspelled. I bought him some cute xmas presents, even though he won't be alive, yet :)

signatureSoo..... I wasn't joking in the title of this post :)

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