Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Need a release

This school year has already been rather demoralizing. In my *extensive* experience (of five years), this is the most horrific class of freshmen I've ever seen. They are SO immature. They CAN.NOT.STOP.TALKING. Ever. All day long, I have a constant, running commentary of every inane thought that pops into their heads. I'm going to struggle to get through the next 8 months.

On top of that, the county is planning to implement changes that I feel will be detrimental to our students. And as a teacher, I'm just expected to do more and more and more with NOTHING in return. Literally. We basically got a pay CUT this year because with no raise or COLA and increasing property taxes, prices, etc, plus the fact that they've raised our health insurance premiums... I'm making less than I did last year. While at the same time, my husband, who has the same education as me and LESS experience in his career field makes double what I make. And I could easily get a job in the same field as his.

It's like they're TRYING to run the teachers off.

I'm struggling.



  1. Of all the stupid things, to cut funding for education is the dumbest way to deal with ANY problem. Education is our only hope for overcoming most of this country's problems, in my opinion.

  2. I so hear you. The constant talking drives me up the wall and then they have an "attitude" when I ask them to be quiet.

    My school is piloting that "Value Added" program next year where pay will become based on your classes test scores. (Moments like those make me happy I am the Spanish teacher and not a regular classroom teacher.No standardized exams to base my pay on.)

  3. And this is why I decided to be an Office Manager instead...I'm making almost double what I would be as a teacher. It's a sad world out there.

  4. I'm sorry. That's really frustrating and just not right.



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