Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Recap: The one in which I refer to a few Awkward Family Moments

References to AFM = Awkward Family Moment.

Drive to Richmond takes 3:35 hrs, can't see out the back window since we've used every inch of space in the wagon. Standing in the kitchen, Alivia comes running out from wherever she is, stops right in front of me, grins and puts her arms up for a hug. Luvz!

Present day in my family. Lance and I make Oreo Brownie Bites... YUM! (umm, I can't remember which blog I saw this on... basically, you take Oreos (we used mint) and dip them in brownie mix, then cook them for 10 minutes in muffin tins... wow!) Delicious ham dinner, do the dishes, then to the living room where dad reads his story about Mrs. Claus saving Christmas (she does it again!). Alivia decides to put a basket on her head.

Can we start?


She likes to help.


Hanging out and playing with the new toys. Singing about Santa and the Beatles with Lance at the piano and Eric at guitar. Alivia gets naked and eats cheese.

Chinese takeout for dinner. Too many calories today! Snow starts to fall. Vicki (family dog) can't stop bothering Ramona.


Take time waking up. Discuss going home and waiting till morning to drive to NY. Decide to just drive. Richmond to Baltimore takes less than 3 hours. Switch drivers, fall asleep, wake up in New Jersey to snow. And snow. And snow. On the 60-mile stretch of the NJ Turnpike for 6 hours. STRESS. Ramona does great. I couldn't find a decent video or picture of the turnpike that evening, but this maybe gives you an idea?

Give up fighting and decide to call it a night. First hotel won't take dogs but sends us to one that will. Collapse into bed at 12:30am.

Wake up to find that Ramona made herself comfortable.

Free buffet breakfast, pay the bill, then head to Woodstock. Arrive around 2pm and relax before more present time. Spend the evening playing with my new NOOKcolor. Yay!

Ramona decides she needs cuddles and crawls into bed with us. How could I kick her out? We're on vacation, so I let it slide :) Ignore Eric's big bum. It's the angle, I swear :)

It's cold.

Stop taking pictures of me and get me inside!

Some organic shopping in Kingston. Pick up some amazing tea blends. Lose a brother for a bit.


Fancy Italian for dinner.


Home late, then bed.

Pack up the car. Reassure Ramona that we won't leave her behind. Confusion and miscommunication ensues re: travel plans.


We skedaddle to avoid more drama. Traffic on the NJ Turnpike (go figure). Let me out of this goddamn state! Into Delaware at last. A couple of rest stops and 7 hours later, we're home. Unload the car. Pooped.

Hope you're enjoying plenty of your own AFMs!! Luvs to you as the year closes out :)



  1. It was great seeing you guys for Christmas. The Oreo brownies were incredible...whoever thought of them is genius! Also, nice job cropping Alivia's cheese pic:) Crazy, crazy girl. -Lance

  2. Ah, you too! Livi is the greatest - naked OR clothed!! :)



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