Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Sharing Time!

Hey, all!

In the past, I've participated in a couple of Blog Share events. The basic gist is this: a blogger decides to host a blog share; people sign up to participate; those bloggers send their secret blog share posts to the host; the host distributes the posts anonymously to all the participants; everyone posts their anonymous guest's post on the day of the Blog Share. This round is hosted by the ever-lovely -R- @ And You Know What Else.

Posts in the past have been dark secrets, funny stories, spousal worries, spousal vows, promises, fears, and hopes. The caliber of writing is phenomenal. Not to be missed.

I'm not allowed to tell any of my readers which anonymous blog is mine. Hence: anonymous. If you think you know which one is mine, DON'T TELL! That ruins the fun and makes it more difficult for bloggers to want to participate in the future.

I'll be receiving my anonymous guest post on either Feb 1st or 2nd, and will have it posted by the evening of the 2nd. I can't wait!

When I receive the guest post, I'll also get a list of all of the Blog Share participants, which I'll most definitely share. I invite all of my readers, especially those new to my blog, to visit the others. There are some amazing bloggers out there!


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