Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craftiness: What I'm doing today

Okay, so. Ever since I bought those Woman's World magazines and some AWESOME cards from Claudia Creates on etsy, I've been going crazy for vintage images. I mean, crazy. Oopsy when all those auctions end at exactly the same time 5 days from now!

But that's another post.

(PS. Here are the two note cards I picked up. Bee-a-youtiful!)

Today, I've been gathering images and trying to pinpoint which craftiness avenue I'll be taking with them. First stop, glitter painting.

Thanks to my ever-crafty friend, Martha, I've been inspired by glitter. I almost bought her $30 glitter set, but was quickly drawn by a $3.99 generic. Still glittery!! I first decided to try her photo conversion tool with this image:

Can you even tell the difference? Ha! Well, the colors were simplified and the lines were blurred...

I printed it to measure about 5x7 and started the first glittery touches. It takes awhile, because I'm only doing two colors at a time while allowing it to dry. I'm really excited about how it will turn out!

By the way, I totally have the Beastie Boys stuck in my head right now.


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