Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How I hope 2011 is different from 2010

I already talked about how I'm counting my 30 before 30 as my resolutions for the new year. However, I still think it's important to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next. I've been thinking of a few ways I'd like the upcoming year to be different than the last 12 months.

I'd like to have my credit cards paid off. Once Eric and I got a house together and became engaged, I added his name to my credit accounts. As a natural result (and perhaps due to the fact that he'd never had that kind of credit limit before, thereby making a few first timer mistakes with the card), the debt under my name increased.

Also, we had a lot of money ready for the wedding (and some awesome help from our parents), but there were still parts that we ended up putting on the cards.

I've done some balance transferring and rate negotiating, Eric's expecting some extra money in the summer, and I have a plan, so I'm confident that this can be accomplished by year's end. 

That will leave us with my student loan debt and our mortgage (I don't count the car b/c we're leasing it). What a good feeling that will be!

I hope all of our cars remain incident-free. If you're new to this blog, well, let me just fill you in. In June, my husband was hit by a teenager (on high school graduation night, as he was coming to pick me up in the city) and his car (that he had purchased a mere 3 months earlier) was totaled. TWO DAYS LATER, we were driving our '73 Beetle and it caught on fire, burning to the ground (we had that car for only 2 weeks... we've since bought an even nicer, '72 buggie, though). In October, he was headed up to MD for some stuff with his mom, and he rear-ended an SUV, causing, oh, about $11,000 worth of damage to our BRAND NEW 2010 Jetta (that our insurance company, phew, paid with only $250 out of our pockets -- the extra few bucks a month for a lower deductible is SO worth it!).

This year, I want NOTHING BAD to happen to our cars. Which, by the way, currently consist of the 2010 Jetta, a '72 Beetle, and a '66 Volvo P1800S (it's sexy). NO.CAR.PROBLEMS.PLEASE.

I want to travel more. I'm planning to apply to two teacher trips, one to Cambodia and the other to Germany. Those would be for about 2-3 weeks each in the summer. I also have 3 destinations on my 30 before 30 - Turkey, Quebec, and one of The World's Secret Places. Plus, I'd like to visit the Dutch fam again, since I haven't been out there since Nov 2009. Oh, and a few days at a sunny beach? Yes, please! 

Sheesh! So, well I don't necessarily anticipate hitting every single one of those, I'd like to head out of our sleepy little town more than once this year.

Secrets, to which you may someday be privy. That's all I'll say.

I'd like to enjoy my job, again. If I've said it once, I've said it a jillion times. My classes this year are rotten. I've started to make connections with a few of the kids who've been hanging out in my room during lunch and after school, and have been quite honest about classroom behavior with them. Well, that and the joys of Oregon Trail. I'm hoping things may start to improve, even just a little bit. 

Perhaps I can find something to appreciate at work every day... just so that they don't drain every last iota of energy from me.

And my fingers are crossed for a normal group again next year. Yah.



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  1. Good luck with your hopes for the year. We got out of debt (again) last year and are finally saving really well. We're looking forward to having 3-6 months expenses in the bank by the end of this year. Its fun feeling secure!



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