Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Challenge, Week 2

Now that I've selected my inspiration and colors for my Spring Challenge, I'm on to Week 2. This week includes:

  • Pick your patterns/designs. Or at least get an idea of which ones you’ll want to use. You may want to think about which ones will require more fitting or take more time so you can consider timing.
  • Choose fabric. Or get an idea of the sort of fabric you want, and where you’ll source it. It may be a good time to order swatches for later projects, if you’re planning to order fabric online.
  • Create sketches or project plans. For each design you want to sew, simply pair the design with the fabric or color swatches you plan to use, and add whatever notes you might find helpful. You could attach inspiration images, notions you want to include, or any other ideas along with your sketch. If you don’t like to draw, you can just include the pattern’s technical illustration.


  1. will you teach me how to be crafty. seriously, i love all the things you're making. i just have no idea where to begin, or how!

  2. LOLz, of course! You have to start by finding your inspiration, though. Sign up for an invite to (I'm still waiting for mine) which looks like a GREAT tool for collecting ideas. I did my spring palette on

    Or, just go analog and glue things into a notebook that inspire you.

    We'll go from there, once you've gotten something going! :):)

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeee! excited! thanks ms. m. oh, and just so you can be of the first to know: it's likely (as in really, really likely) patrick and i will be moving to DC in September. . . ;-)!!! I KNOW!!!!!!! :)


    Excited!!!!! Like, jumping out of my chair and doing a couple of hops around the room, excited!

    PS. I know you nixed the reception. Phooey. BUT. Methinks you MUST have a big party in DC. Reserve a bar. Make us pay for our own drinks. Just let us celebrate with you!!!!!!!

    Now go. Be inspired.


  5. Hehehehhehehehhehe. You just made my day! I'm so excited. I will likely be headed DC-side before the end of the semester (doing some liaising for the PhD that I want to get), we will definitely celebrate! (thanks, btw) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE oh how I hope we're DC buddies! :)



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