Thursday, January 27, 2011

Woman's World, 1928

Last week I bought 3 issues of Woman's World from March, May, and June 1928 off of ebay. They are in beautiful condition and are SO fascinating to me!! I love the ads and pictures, and am planning to do *something* creative with them.

Anyway, on the last page is a feature called "The Postman's Whistle Page," which consists of "ideas, experiences, jokes, new and original recipes, and money, labor, and time-saving helps" from readers.

I read this, and HAD to post it here. I'm def fascinated but this era, but probably would have killed myself (literally!) if I had to live back then as a woman. Sigh.....
UNCLE JEFF, the OLD POSTMAN and His Homely Philosophy on OVER EDUCATION
Oh, learnin' is a fine thing, And knowledge shames a shirker! But first they must be quickened By a practical hard worker.  
EVER since Martha Owens' girl, Janice, came home from school so full of learnin' that she's no longer satisfied with her sphere in life, I've wondered if it could be possible that we sometimes educate our young folks just a little beyond ken. Strikes me that education is not so much knowledge as it is development, a reachin' of a fine balance between body, heart and mind. Some trees have giant branches, some are resplendent with rich foliage, some are simply well rooted; but the well-developed tree has something of all of this. 
To learn merely for the sake of learnin' is like eatin' merely for the taste of food; and undigested learnin' may become as depressin' as undigested food. An overweenin' desire to know is often a characteristic of the inability to know to any purpose; and education is by no means entirely the product of organized schools.   
Through long weary years of work, Martha Owens has denied herself in order that the girl, Janice, might acquire book-learnin', not takin' count of the fact that book-education must be attended by a certain life-education to make it a success. And now the mother and her daughter, misunderstandin' each other, each lays the blame upon the other, and are miserably unhappy with it. Martha Owens thinks the girl ungrateful; Janice blames her mother for crampin' the opportunity which was opened out before her. Who is to blame? There is no doubt but that this old earth is growin' more sophisticated but I wonder--is it growin' more educated? There's a right considerable gap between the two. Ignorance is a blank sheet upon which we may write, but Error is a scribbled one from which we must first erase.
Jeff Z Lincoln, U.S.A.  
How could I have lived in world like that?

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