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Ugh, I've developed something vicious over the past 24 hours, and I feel T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.

However, this post is not about that, but a guest blogger who will stay anonymous. I don't even know who it is!

As I've posted before:
The basic gist is this: a blogger decides to host a blog share; people sign up to participate; those bloggers send their secret blog share posts to the host; the host distributes the posts anonymously to all the participants; everyone posts their anonymous guest's post on the day of the Blog Share. This round is hosted by the ever-lovely -R- @ And You Know What Else.

Posts in the past have been dark secrets, funny stories, spousal worries, spousal vows, promises, fears, and hopes. The caliber of writing is phenomenal. Not to be missed.

I'm not allowed to tell any of my readers which anonymous blog is mine. Hence: anonymous. If you think you know which one is mine, DON'T TELL! That ruins the fun and makes it more difficult for bloggers to want to participate in the future.
Remember, the post below is not mine! You'll find mine out somewhere in Internetland. I'm including a list of all the participants below the post. Enjoy!


I'm in a small industry in a small city. Everyone in my industry knows each other, and everyone who is in a position to hire is constantly keeping an eye out for new talent. The pool of truly good people is quite shallow. I wish that wasn't true, but it is.

About a year ago, I had lunch with the team lead at another firm. I knew him, of course: we all know each other, but I'd also subcontracted several jobs to his company and been pleased with his work.

He was pleased with my work, too. He wanted to hire me.

We talked for a long time. We figured out from our accents that we were from the same part of the country, and when I mentioned the town I graduated from high school in, he said that he had taught at my school at the same time I was there. We racked our brains but could not remember each other. I thought this was a bit weird; we were both artsy folks and it would have been strange for me to not know an artsy teacher.

When I got home that evening, I remembered him. Specifically, I remembered one particular interaction. I'll call him Mr. Jones to protect his identity.

It was 15 years ago. He was a young teacher's assistant. He was sweet, and naive, and embarrassed easily. We liked him because of all of those qualities. I did not have him for any classes, but I knew him from lunchtime supervision.

My lunchtime buddies were silly folks, as teenagers tend to be. They liked to tease; always good-naturedly. They liked to tease Mr. Jones. He knew it was all in good fun and would tease them back.

One day, my buddy "David" said something to Mr. Jones; I don't know what. I do remember that Mr. Jones shot back with "Hey, I'm bigger than you!".

(This, admittedly, was not exactly what the kids now call a "burn".)

David was a large fellow, not really the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a guy with a big heart. He thought Mr. Jones was making a comment about his weight. That, you see, had to be addressed.

"I hope you mean length, not width, Mr. Jones," he said.

Now, everyone at the table knew that David meant "height", not "length". But Mr. Jones was taken aback. He started to stammer.

"Length? What do you mean, length?"

"Uh, length. Like, not width."

"Length? When you start comparing two guys in terms of length, that usually means --"

And sweet, naive Mr. Jones turned bright red and ran out of the lunchroom.

Naturally, I could not possibly accept the job, even though it was 15 years later. I still think about that day every time I subcontract a job to his company. It makes me smile.


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  1. Oh lordy! Poor Mr. Jones!

  2. Oh how I love awkward stories!!!

  3. Teaching high school is full of awkward moments like this if my experience is anything to go by!

  4. K, so I quickly browsed through all the other blog shares and I can't figure out which one's yours. Help??? Please??? Cheating, I know....

  5. You can't tell! That's cheating, silly! :)



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