Tuesday, March 01, 2011

At least it was a thoughtful poo?

  1. While I was out of town this weekend doting over my niece and new nephew, Eric and Ramona were home dealing with a(nother) power outage. To charge his dead cell battery, Eric took the dog with him to our friends' place. They have a cat. Who is currently taking laxatives for tummy issues. And our dog likes to eat things she shouldn't.
  2. We've been a bit slackey on our morning dog-walking duties, lately. (Although I must add that I DID take the dog out yesterday morning. TODAY was Eric's day for the walk. Which he skipped because he woke up late.)
  3. Eric accidentally left the basement door open this morning, which caused the motion sensor down there to go off at some point today.
All this to explain how our poor, poor greyhound must have had such a rotten tummy today that she just couldn't hold her poo in a second longer. Mind you, she has NEVER messed in the house in the two years we've had her.

But she was SO concerned and thoughtful that instead of leaving a pile of shit the size of MONTANA in the living room, she discreetly found a clear spot in the basement. And, I KID YOU NOT, she was so extra sweet and affectionate once we got home, that I am SURE she was afraid she would get in trouble, and just wanted to butter us up.

ALSO. The feeling of cold dog poo is SO MUCH MORE DISGUSTING that warm poo. UGH. Don't believe me? Just try taking a runny dump sometime (think *pudding* consistency), leave it to get basement-cold, and then pick up with only a plastic bag between you and that monstrosity. Vomit.

PS. Yes, that is her, lying on MY pillow under MY blanket while I was gone this weekend. Suffering from a night of laxative-induced restlessness. Damn dog, I just love her SO MUCH!

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