Friday, March 11, 2011


Some things in a list.
  • I have had a very long week and today ended especially frustratingly. However, per the consequences of this article, I will direct you merely to what she may or may not have already said on her own blog.
  • I had to go shopping after school today. Because I was that stressed. I saw an Old Navy trench on a blog of someone whose fashion I admire, so I went to go buy it. LOVE IT. Also LOVE the other $120 worth of stuff I bought there.......
  • Also went to the grocery store. In addition to beer, I bought this lovely hyacinth for only $2.50. It's sitting on my desk right now smelling SO LOVELY. PS. I already had the vase. I think it's a perfect fit!

  • Today is Ken's 50th birthday. Yes, THAT Ken. I never knew he was only a day younger than my mom! (Happy Birthday, momma!)
  • We're going to visit la familia manana. Eric will get to meet Blake for the first time. He's already gained OVER a pound in 2 weeks!!!
  • I like peacocks. Also, I bought a peacock-y necklace from LovMely.


1 comment:

  1. Yay for retail therapy. I LOVE it myself. You deserve it! Sorry for the shitty week, thanks for being an awesome host! xoxoxoxo



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