Monday, March 14, 2011


I realize that writing is not a strength for many, if not most people. Really, I get that. As a teacher, I've seen some VERY interesting attempts at writing a coherent paragraph, and am usually fairly lenient regarding mechanics as long as the student has a clear grasp of the content.

But seriously? In a college class, how am I supposed to grade shit like this?

The Hinduism unquestionably has some unity beliefs that all the people of the faith follow. There is of several beliefs just like in Christianity where there is Orthodox, Eastern Christian Catholics to Baptists. They have some part god similar to Christianity. They believe in three of one god known as Brahman known as the creator. They believe in Karma and reincarnation. They also have a heaven like place known as Nirvana. The Hinduism are from an close knit group of India it holds worship an adopted, provided one reorganization of supremacy of the Brahmins, and the word Hindu is not a Sanskrit word it is not found in to many languages of India. It wasn’t to the eighteenth century that the Europeans that the Father, and the missionaries develop knowledge of the Sanskrit and the allied tongues in the way they arced literature of India was preserved.



  1. Is English their second language? (Third?)

  2. Nope! Amurrican, born and raised.




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