Saturday, March 05, 2011

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb

When I was a kid, I thought way too much about silly things.

For example:
  • Why does my younger sister's birthday come before mine in the year if I'm older than her?
  • What kind of fancy technology is in that water fountain that recycles and cleans the water before it comes back out?
  • Since I'm turning 5 this year, will my birthday be on March 6 next year?
  • If I wear my Sunday undies on Friday, will I get in trouble?
And, of course:
  • Why is my birthday in the lion part of March? I'd rather be a lamb!
Although, now I think the lion fits me much better - rahr!

So yes, today is my birthday. 29 and doing fine. At work yesterday, a colleague asked me my new birthday age. When I said 29, she laughed and said, "Ah, eternally 29!" That cracked me up. "No, I'm REALLY turning 29!!" Whee!

We're having a Cuban-inspired birthday bash tonight. Food, drinks, music, and reruns of I Love Lucy. Okay, just joking about that last one, but ay Ricky!


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