Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello, May 13th. How did you get here?

Lots of things are happening, that's for sure! The school year is ALMOST over. Phew, I thought I might not make it!

I'm teaching two online classes right now, so that's also keeping me really busy.

Oh! But want to know something fun? A long while back, I submitted my handwriting to this website at She takes submissions and if she likes yours enough, she turns it into a font and offers it for free on her site! How fun is that, right?

Well, turns out she liked my handwriting, and now I have an official font! WhOOt!! It's called Pea Ramona, and you can get it all for yourself right here.

Here's a story I wrote using my new font. You have to click on it to actually read it. I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. cute handwriting and AWESOME STORY!!! hehehehehehehe

  2. What a fun way to make your announcement!! :)



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