Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Sketches: Faces

I'm submitting something old to Sunday Sketches this week, because I'm suffering from my first major symptom of pregnancy (besides the growing belly).

So, the left pic is me at 15 weeks, not enjoying the fact that the belly was starting to stick out. The right pictures was taken THREE WEEKS LATER at 18 weeks. Um, growth spurt, much? No wonder I was eating everything in sight and napping twice a day!!

Oh yah, the pregnancy pain. Apparently, it's not uncommon to get carpal tunnel in one or both wrists while you're pregnant. YES! It's pretty much killing me right now and outside of wearing a wrist splint, there's basically nothing I can do but wait until it goes away on it's own once the baby comes. Hopefully it won't be this bad for the next 5 months!

So, here is an old sketch when I was trying to practice faces. Who knew the eyes went right in the center of the head?



  1. nice sketches. I guess they do go right in the centre! First I'm hearing about carpal tunnel side effect of pregnancy...good luck, it's a special time.

  2. cute drawings. hope you're enjoying your day.

  3. aw, you look so cute!!! congratulations! I always have pain in my wrist when i type...too much time on the computer! ha ha -
    cute sketches too - it's fun to draw different faces!

  4. You look adorable! I was just wondering how you were doing!! :) Love your sketches. Especially the one with all those curls!! Hugs



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