Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My little baby, today


My little Elly belly is not so little, anymore! I'm 25 weeks, today. I can't believe I'm only a couple of weeks away from the final trimester! From here on out, she'll be gaining 1/4 - 1/2 lb each week! I had another ultrasound yesterday, and she's currently measuring in the 72%-ile. Five weeks ago, it was 88, so it makes me feel a little better that she's slowing down a tad! I don't want her to come out looking like a 6-month old!

Last weekend, the hubs and I went to Pittsburgh (whee!) for their annual Vintage Grand Prix. It was HOT, but Eric was super about finding me a nice, shady place to sit and relax while he wandered around and talked to the drivers. He goes ga-ga for vintage race cars. Which is why we have a shell of a '66 Ford Cortina sitting in our driveway with no seats, no engine, and no tires at the moment.

This is what it COULD look like... someday...

This is what it DOES look like, right now, though...

We're having a garage built sometime within the month. The zoning and permit apps have been sent in, so it's just a matter of getting people out here and building.

While we were gone, two huge things happened, apparently, that I didn't hear about until we got back since I was not so much listening to the news.

1. Terrorist attach in Norway. Norway? Sad.
2. Amy Winehouse died. Double sad. What a waste of beautiful talent and potential.

And that is all I have for now.

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