Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who knew?

Carrying a rapidly growing fetus baby around is really tiring work. As I was leaving school today I passed a student walking down the the hall that said, "Wow. You look exhausted." I was.

I've gone back to needing a nap just about every day. My body has just slowed down SO MUCH over the last week or so! She's definitely getting heavier to lug around in there :)

I only have 4 more weeks of work (plus 2 days) until my leave begins, which will be the week before my due date (although "they" don't call it that, anymore... it's "estimated date of delivery" ... meh, either way).

On the one hand I think, Wow! It's so close! And then I get out of my seat to walk somewhere and wonder, She still has 5 1/2 more weeks in there??

Definitely looking forward to snuggling with her soon!!

This photo is a week old, now, but I'm in a too-small shirt that doesn't cover my belly and don't really feel like taking an updated pic :)

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sweet Saturdays: I see you!

Check out all the Sweet Saturday participants here.

Last week was my first full week back at work. My classroom moved, so I had a lot of rearranging and unpacking to do. Luckily, there were some helpful teachers in my hallway, a couple of kind NHS students that popped in to assist, and a lovely husband who spent his Friday afternoon finishing up for me. Nevertheless, I still ended up with a sore back and a need for a long nap by the end! The students will be in on Tuesday!

Friday morning I had another ultrasound. When I did my genetic screening (around 12 weeks), it showed that everything was fine with the baby, but that I have a low blood protein (PAPP-A), which can sometimes indicate placental issues leading to low birth weight. So, I've been going in to the OB every week since about 26 weeks for a non-stress test to monitor her activity and heart rate. I also get an ultrasound every month to check her growth.

What I saw blew me away. I had no idea a regular sonogram could show this much detail!



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