Friday, October 14, 2011

Guessing Game Giveaway

I've gathered guesses from all of my family about Elly's impending arrival. Interestingly, my mom, dad and I all independently picked the same day... we'll see if it means anything!

Her EDD is Nov 8 and so far the guesses range from Oct 27 to Nov 11.

I'm curious to know what you think! After she comes I'll send the closest guesser a fun prize! One of my favorite baby board books and another surprise... yet to be determined, but definitely awesome :)



  1. I hope I win! :) I love that book. And I picked the best day. Scott said he wanted to call you to tell you his pick... but hasn't had a chance yet. I'll see if he'll at least send a text later today.

  2. You should also mention that Eric and I picked the same day for Elly to arrive! Take care. Lance



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