Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 1: Thoughts from Elly

Hello, big world! My name is Elly, and today I'm 8 days old. It's been quite an adventure learning about life outside the womb!

My first morning home from the hospital, I got to meet my big sister, Ramona! It was pretty uneventful, if I do say so myself. She took a quick peek at me and then went back to Daddy for attention. We've been getting along pretty well, so far! Mostly, I just hang out with Mommy while Daddy plays with Ramona and takes her on walks.

That's not to say I don't get my fair share of time with Daddy, though! When I'm not with Mommy, my next favorite place to be is cuddling with Daddy. He likes to call me his little "bum-bum." Sometimes he calls me "pumpkin," too, since I was born so close to Halloween!

When I was only 3 days old, I started having a hard time figuring out how to eat. I would get really excited and grab on, but then pull away and shake my head in frustration. Mommy and Daddy were really worried, because I went for almost 7 hours without eating! I had my first doctor's appointment the next day, and when they weighed me I was only 6 lb, 7 oz. So, the doctor gave Mommy some formula to feed me while we practiced eating the right way.

The next day, Mommy took me into DC to go to a breastfeeding class together. We were determined to fix our problems! She even had a special lactation consultant come to the house that night. She showed us some tips and made both of us feel much more confident about eating. Now, I'm eating like a pro! Mommy can tell I've already gained most of my weight back. She and Daddy both thought I looked bigger this morning!

I've already gotten to have two baths since I've been home. Mommy and Daddy have to be careful not to get my umbilical cord wet, so right now they're just bathing me with wash rags. Daddy loves to tickle me when he's wiping me down! I think it's pretty fun. Last night, Mommy was drying me off and she almost lost me inside that big towel! Not to worry, though. I was still in there, peeking out!

One thing I've learned over the past week is that pooping takes a lot of work. I know, I know, you might be saying that you poop all the time! But listen, I've got a tiny little body still, and it takes all my effort and concentration, sometimes! Mommy says I make a lot of cute faces when I'm really concentrating. She says that her favorite is my "O-face." Maybe I'm just practicing for when I can start giving Mommy and Daddy kisses!

Lots of people like to say that babies like me can't smile, yet. They think it's just gas, or something rumbling in my tummy. I'm here to tell you, though, that I really do smile at Mommy sometimes! I'm just letting her know that I'm so happy to be here with her!

Well, that's it for this week! It's been so fun learning about how to be a person and spending time with Mommy, Daddy, and Ramona. I can't wait to find out what the next week holds for me!!



  1. Elly, you are one lucky girl. Such a cute, cute, cute lil thing! Keep us updated on all you discoveries!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So adorable! xoxo
    hope you both are doing well

  3. Welcome Elly! You are gorgeous!

  4. Oh, that's so adorable!
    I don't understand how giving formula is going to help a baby learn to nurse. I didn't try playing a clarinet to help me learn the flute, LOL. Glad to hear you're getting that worked out though (sounds like impatience or overactive letdown).
    Love the O face! Have you thought about doing EC, since she's so obvious with her cues? I wish I had done that!
    Love the dream smile too!



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