Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Photo update

I got the pictures from my mom's visit last week, so I thought I'd do a little photo update! Elly is just as sweet as can be!

Sleeping on Mommy. Elly has decided over the past couple of days that this is where she prefers to be. Yesterday, she basically cried every time I put her down. It made for a long day for me. Today, we've been working together on wearing the Moby wrap around the house so she can be snuggled against me, but I'm not stuck on the couch holding her. It's been pretty good so far (although I do have her in the bassinet right now, and she's making some grunting noises, but no crying, yet!)

Just cuteness.

Sucking her thumb. I love how she does this. As soon as her thumb finds her mouth, her hand just stays there. Sometimes she pokes herself in the eye, but she's getting better about avoiding that.

Storytime with Daddy. Here, we were reading I Can Fly, a classic Little Golden Book with beautiful illustrations by Mary Blair. The little girl in the book makes me imagine Elly in a couple of years!

Hanging out with Oma.

Elly's first bath in the Puj tub! I'm going to attempt it again today, all on my own! PS. If you have any baby showers to attend, give them this tub. Seriously.

In search of something to suck on, Elly gave herself this mad hickey, yesterday. Ouch, baby!


1 comment:

  1. That's quite the hickey! I think Mom is wearing the same shirt as a super cute pic I have of her and Alivia. Cute!



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