Saturday, November 05, 2011

Week 2: Thoughts from Elly

Hi, everyone!

Today I'm 16 days old. That's over half a month, already! Mommy says the time is already going by so fast, but it's felt like a lifetime, to me! (Did you get my joke, there? I'm already working on my comedy routine!)

This week I got to meet so many new people! On Saturday, Papa, Auntie Jen, Uncle Lance, and my cousins Alivia and Blake came for a visit. It was so much fun! Alivia was really nice to me and did a great job holding me! It's good that she already got so much practice holding Blake this year!

Papa tried to take a picture of all of his grandkids together, but we were a little too squirmy. This was the best we could do for him!

Oh! My umbilical cord fell off this week! I think Mommy already told you about that, though. She says I have the cutest little belly button, ever! 

Oma came to stay with us for a few days this week. She took a lot of pictures, but she hasn't sent them to Mommy yet, so I'll have to update you later with those.

While Oma was here, I had my first bath in a tub! I really loved it. Mommy got a tub that is so comfortable for me and fits right in the bathroom sink. As soon as she put me in the warm water, I just curled up and lay there letting her scrub me down. It was really cozy! I got cold, though, once she took me out of the tub! Good thing I had a nice, warm towel to wrap up in.

I also got to spend an evening with just Oma and me while Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner together. We had a great time. Basically, I just looked at her while she fed me a bottle and sang me lullabies. Oma won't sing for just anyone, so I feel pretty special!

This week I also got my nails trimmed for the first time and started having some tummy time sessions. Mommy was so scared to clip my nails! But Auntie Jen told her what to do and sat right next to her. She did great! All my nails got cut and I didn't make a peep!

Tummy time, on the other hand, is not so great. Mommy says it's to help my neck get stronger so I can hold my head up on my own, but I hate it! Maybe if I get really good at it, she'll stop making me practice so much!

Thursday, I had my 2-week check-up at the doctor. I weighed 6 lb 14 oz, almost back to my birth weight! Oh, I also grew a 1/2-inch already! The doctor said everything else looked really good and I'm doing everything I should be. Thank goodness! I know that makes Mommy and Daddy happy.

This week, Daddy started reading me a different bedtime story every night. It's my favorite time of the day! Daddy's favorite stories to read are in a book he bought called Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever. I guess the title says it right there! I really like to look at Daddy while he's reading to me. I hope he keeps reading to me every night!

Mommy says I've been much more alert and active the past few days. I guess I'm just starting to get used to being out in the world, so it's time for me to really start checking it out. Sometimes I'll go for one or two hours with my eyes open, just looking at Mommy and Daddy and taking in everything around me. There's so much for me to learn about!

Oh, one last thing before I go! Daddy keeps saying I look most like his side of the family, but check out this picture of Mommy when she was only 1-day old (and what do you think of Papa when he was only 22?). I think you can definitely tell that I belong to her!

Well, that's it for this week. So much has already happened... I wonder what's next for me? Guess I'll find out soon enough!



  1. Dear Elly,

    I like bath time, too! Also, stay curious! And, please tell your mommy and daddy that I made a somewhat unique present for them, but had to wait until you were born to finish it. Now, I'm waiting for it to be mailed to me so I can send it to them. Don't tell them what it is, but that I'm sorry it hasn't gotten to them sooner! Finally, give your mommy a hug for me and tell her I'm so happy for her!



  2. Thanks for the hug! Elly can't wait to meet you! :)



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