Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 3: Thoughts from Elly

Hey, how's it going?

Today, I'm 22-days-old. Three weeks, already! I had to go back to the doctor yesterday to have my weight checked, since she wasn't happy that I hadn't gotten back up to my birthweight by last week's appointment. I'm happy to report that I weighed a solid 7 lb 7.5 oz! Everything is right on track, now.

This week, Mommy is trying to get me started on more of a routine. I had a few nights where I was waking up and fussing every hour, and that makes it hard for Mommy and Daddy. One night, I even woke up at 1:15 am and didn't go back to sleep until after 3! And even then, Mommy had to move me into bed with her around 4:30 so that I would finally sleep quietly. Also, during the day on Monday, I cried any time she wasn't holding me. That must have been really rough for her!

Auntie Jen sent Mommy a book called On Becoming Baby Wise that talks about creating structure so that I will sleep better at night. She started reading it to get some ideas on how to do that with me. She also ordered two other books so that she can blend all of the theories out there into something that will work best for us! 

Already, she's seen some improvement in me! Last night, I only woke up twice, at 1:30 and 4:15. Mommy said that was right on schedule! And she is feeling much more rested, today!

One of things I need to keep working on is self-soothing. It's hard right now, because I still can't quite figure out where my hands are. Once my mouth happens to find a finger, though, I love it! 

On Tuesday, Mommy's friend Diana came over for a visit and we went on a nice, loooooong walk together. Even Ramona came along! The leaves on the trees are so pretty (even though I didn't really see much of them, since I slept during the whole walk!). Mommy was really happy to spend so much time out of the house with me, too.

Daddy and I have really been getting to know each other better. He likes to play with me after he comes home from work. I think it's so interesting to look at him and listen to his voice - it's so different from Mommy! I think we're going to be really good friends!

I'm really excited for the next couple of weeks to get here! On Thursday, Aunt Christina is flying out here to visit and I'll get to meet her for the very first time! Then, it'll be my first Thanksgiving. I think I might get to meet some more of Daddy's relatives, then. Oh, and I'll be taking my first long car ride! Mommy says it's good that the ride will only be about an hour and a half, though. She wouldn't want my first experience on a trip to be much longer than that! I do pretty well in the car just driving around town, so we'll see how it goes!

Well, I think that's pretty much all for this week. Talk to you, soon!



  1. When my daughters were babies I read a few different books on helping them get into a routine, and establish good/healthy sleep habits. They were so helpful! Everyone is so much happier with a good nights rest. I hope the books continue to help. Good luck!

  2. @Christina G, hooray!!!

    @T and B, absolutely. Last night she slept from 11-4, and then again until about 6:50. Not bad! She still really loves to be held during the day, though. I'm trying to balance time on me with time in her swing/crib to make sure she doesn't NEED me, but so far it's been okay.

  3. That's great! Glad you're seeing improvement. I was just thinking about one thing that really helped me. I liked giving my girls a "Dream Feed" right before I went to bed. There are mixed reviews on whether or not this is good, but it worked for us. I also didn't have a hard time breaking the habit when they were older and didn't need it. Maybe you've already read about this, but thought I'd share just in case. Take care.



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