Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 4: Thoughts from Elly

Hi there!

I've reached the 4-week milestone! On Sunday, I'll be a month old. So much has happened to me over the last four weeks! I've gone from a sleepy, squishy-faced newborn to an active, wide-eyed baby.

This week started off with a visit to the doctor. Over the weekend I started spitting up a lot more and even vomited a couple of times. When Daddy was a baby like me, he had something called pyloric stenosis. That meant that his food was blocked from going from his stomach to his intestines, and he had to have surgery to fix it. Mommy and Daddy wanted to make sure that wasn't happening to me, since it usually starts around 3 weeks old.

Well, it turns out I don't have that, but I do have a pretty bad case of acid reflux. The doctor gave me some medicine called Zantac that I have to take three times a day! So far I think it's helping with the pain (I was arching my back and grimacing a lot after eating), even though I still spit up a lot!

I got to go on two walks this week with Mommy and Ramona. Mommy wraps me up in her Moby wrap, puts a hat on my head, and then wears one of her maternity coats so I stay nice and warm in that cold November air!

If I could be wrapped up against Mommy 24/7, I'd probably be the happiest baby in the world! I'm getting better about remembering that I need to sleep on my own too, though. Sometimes I still need to be close to Mommy all day long, but I have been able to take naps in my swing or hang out in my bassinet while Mommy gets things done.

I'm also getting better about my eating schedule and sleeping at night. One night, I even slept from 11pm-4am! Usually, I wake up for my first nighttime feeding around 3, but some nights I still get up every couple of hours. I promised Mommy it would get better as I got older, though!

Daddy and I have gotten to hang out some more this week. Mommy took a picture of us - she said Daddy looked silly, but I was really cute, so she cropped him out of the picture! What do you think?
She also took some video of us having fun together. I sure love my Daddy!


This week, Mommy tried out cloth diapers on me. I wore them for two days, but Mommy says she thinks I'm still a little too small to switch to them permanently, because we had some "leakage" issues down my legs. She told me I sure looked cute in them, though! Maybe in another month when I've gained some more weight and they fit a little more snugly on me.
Oh yah! Since I've been spitting up a lot more from my reflux, Mommy started putting bibs on me to keep my clothes cleaner. Here are a couple of my favorites!

One last thing - Thursday was Uncle Chris's 19th birthday. Happy Birthday!! I love you!


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