Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 5: Thoughts from Elly

Happy Thanksgiving! What a way to end a week, with turkey and cranberry sauce! Of course, Mommy and Daddy did all the turkey eating, while I just sat around looking extremely cute. But I'm getting ahead of myself, here.

My fifth week of life began with my first car trip to Richmond to visit Mommy's family. Mommy and Daddy said I did great in the car! I don't remember the ride at all, though, because I was asleep for the whole thing. I sure do like my car seat!

When we got there, I was able to meet Aunt Christina for the first time, ever. Mommy was happy, too, since the last time she saw her was when she and Daddy got married two years ago. 

Aunt Christina made a really cool present for me! She's really crafty, and with her mad skills, she designed an iron-on for one of my onesies! Mommy hasn't taken any pictures of me wearing it, yet, but this is it. Trust me, I look really cute in it!
Actually, Mommy didn't take any pictures at all while we were down in Richmond! I think that's because Aunt Christina took so many awesome pictures, though. She really likes photography - she even blogs about it over here! Now, Mommy is just waiting for Aunt Christina to go through and edit all of the photos so we can see them. I had a lot of fun spending time with her. She even told me that she might give me some more cousins one day!

Speaking of cousins, Alivia and Blake were there, too! I already love them so much! I'm really glad we get to be cousins, and I'm so excited to spend time with them as we get older. Their Mommy and and Daddy were also there - that's my Auntie Jen and Uncle Lance. And of course, Oma and Papa were there! I sure felt the love from everyone because I got held and cuddled all day long!

Unfortunately, there was one downside to our visit. On Monday, Mommy got a cold that she caught while we were there. Then on Tuesday, Daddy got sick, too. So, it was no surprise when I started coughing and sneezing on Thursday night! Only a month old, and I already have my first cold! It's definitely not fun, but I'm staying pretty positive about the whole thing. I just REALLY hate it when Mommy sticks that thing up my nose and sucks out the mucus. Yuck! It makes me cry and cry. She always lets me eat right afterwards, though, and that makes me feel better right away!
On Thursday, the day I turned 5 weeks old, it was Thanksgiving. This was my first real holiday! Even though I was 11 days old on Halloween, I didn't really do anything, so I don't think that counts.

We had our first official Thanksgiving dinner in Richmond with Mommy's family last weekend, but on the real day, we drove up to Nana's house in Maryland. There, I got to see Uncle Scott, Nana, and Aunties Kelly, Summer, and Holly (Auntie Kelly is actually Daddy's aunt, and Summer and Holly are his cousins, but they all said they want to be my aunties!). I had a great time being passed around and held by everyone. My head got lots of kisses that day!!

Here are Ramona and me hanging out while everyone was noshing on turkey and stuffing. 
By the way, on Friday morning I went back to the doctor to check up on my reflux. The medicine has been helping me. Even though I still spit up after I eat, it's a lot less and I'm not in as much pain anymore. The doctor said I'm looking great and gaining the right amount of weight. In fact, I'm up to 8 lbs 8 oz now! That's a full 2 lbs heavier than my lowest weight at 4 days old! Mommy and Daddy were both so glad to find out I'm really thriving!

Now, I just have to get over this cold and feel like my normal self again. Once that happens, Mommy is going to try to get me to sleep in my crib (in my own room!) during the night. Wish me luck!!


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