Friday, December 02, 2011

Week 6: Thoughts from Elly

Six weeks, six weeks, six weeks!!!

Mommy says she can't believe how much I've grown, already! I know I feel much more mature and knowledgeable about the world around me!

So, all those books that Mommy reads says I should be showing off my "social smile" any day now. That means that I smile back at someone. I've definitely been practicing how to smile, but I haven't done anything that's repeatable enough for Mommy to count it as my first real smile.

Let's see now... What has been going on this week? Well, I started out the week with a cold, which was just terrible! I never got a fever, though, so that made Mommy and Daddy really happy. My nose is still a bit congested, but not so much that Mommy has to suck the snot out very often. That's great, because I scream my face off whenever she does it!

The weather was so nice earlier this week! Mommy said this isn't normal for November, but we didn't complain! Especially since it meant that Mommy took my out on walks with Ramona. On one of our really long walks, she took this picture of me. I'm not sure what I was looking at, but Mommy says I look really pretty!

OH!! I started sleeping in my own room this week! I don't always stay in there ALL night, but I do make it through my long, nighttime stretch (about 11p-4a) in there without a problem. I still like for Mommy to take me into bed with her in the early morning, though. I don't know what it is, but something about going back into my crib after that 4a feeding does not make me very happy! Mommy keeps sending Daddy in to try to rock me back to sleep at that time so I don't smell Mommy's milk and want to eat more, but that hasn't really worked, and it's sure making Daddy sleepy! But I can't help it... I just love being around my Mommy and Daddy!

Also, this week I've started needing a lot more attention and entertainment from Mommy during the day. I used to be pretty good about eating, hanging out for a bit, and then sleeping in my swing. But this week, I decided that I was tired of my swing and would rather be held by Mommy. So, she caved and bought me a vibrating chair. I.LOVE.IT! As soon as she puts me in there and turns on the vibrations, I just relax and melt right into the seat. Ahh, bliss! Mommy calls it her "magic" chair. I wonder why?

On Wednesday, Mommy and I went to a Breast Feeding group a couple of miles from our house to meet my new friend Evelyn. Her mommy is friends with mine, and she was supposed to be born 11 days after me. Since I came early, though, we actually ended up being exactly 4 weeks apart. This is us when we met for the first time. I'm 1 day shy of 6 weeks, here, and Evelyn is 1 day away from 2 weeks (even though she is lots bigger than me - I weighed 9 lb 0 oz that day and she was 9 lb 9oz!)

This coming weekend I get to hang out with both of my grandmas! Oma is coming up on Friday and Nana will be here Saturday. I'll tell you all about it next week!


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  1. How adorable! It's getting to the fun times now!
    Around 6 weeks is totally normal for a growth spurt and cluster feeding. That normally happens in the evening, as baby spends more time awake during the day and maybe not feeding as much. But it can also happen at nighttime, so don't feel bad about having her in your bed and sleep nursing! It's way easier than trying to force her to sleep somewhere away from you. Most of the world bedshares for a reason--it makes life easy :)
    Love the sleeping in the vibrating chair picture!



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