Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 7: Thoughts from Elly

Well, hello!

So, I'm seven weeks. When I was thinking about what I'd write this week, I realized that I'm really glad Mommy lets me post my thoughts here, because I've already almost forgotten what my first week was like! Things have changed so much for me since then that it's hard to believe I was once so small and unsure about the world! I'm nearly an old pro, at this point :)
This week started with a visit from Oma. I was so excited to see her, until I realized that it meant Mommy was going to be leaving me for a whole day! She went into DC for a conference where she had to give a presentation. I wondered why she wanted to give a presentation so far away from me, but she told me that she didn't even know I'd be coming to live with her back when she submitted her proposal! In that case, I thought it was okay. Besides, I ended up having a really good day with Oma, and Mommy was home before I knew it!
The next day, Nana came to visit because Mommy was going to go back to her conference and Daddy wanted some help. Mommy ended up changing her mind about going to DC again, though, so the four of us hung out for the day. I had a great time! First, we went to brunch together. Everybody there kept telling Mommy how precious I was! After brunch, we got to go pick out a Christmas tree! It looks pretty cool in our living room. 
After Nana left, I went with Mommy and Daddy to this Studio Party they go to every year. This was my first party! Mommy had a student five years ago whose parents are both artists, and they host a holiday party annually to see their friends and show (and sell!) their art. Mommy loves to go and look at everything. She usually buys one or two pieces of art while she's there, too. This year, Daddy even got to play a guitar for a little while, which he really loves! 
I met so many people and got held all night long... In fact, we were the last to leave the party at 2am! I met this really neat guy there who fought in Europe during World War II. We took some pictures together, since we were the oldest and youngest guests at the party. How many babies my age can say they have had a picture taken with a WWII veteran??
Let's see... what else went on this week? OH!! On Monday, I smiled my first "official" smile for Mommy! I've had lots and lots of practice smiles, but this time, I knew what I was doing and I smiled on purpose! I love it when Mommy makes funny sounds and gives me kisses. That's what makes me smile the most!
Here's something funny. Before I was born, Mommy thought that only boy babies would pee all over the place when they got their diapers changed. WELL. This week I showed Mommy that even I'm a girl I can still do everything a boy can do! In fact, I was able to shoot it all the way across the changing table and onto the lotion and wipes! 

I've been getting better and better at sleeping the way Mommy wants me to. I sleep in my own room all night long now! Of course, my two FAVORITE places to sleep are with Mommy or with Daddy.
During the day, I still like to be held as much as possible, but I'll usually let Mommy put me in my new vibrating chair so she can take a shower or get something to eat while I sleep for a bit. 
I've started moving my arms around with a lot better control this week. I'm still not sure what those things are on the end of my arms, though! All I know is that they're really useful for grabbing on to Mommy's shirt while I'm eating. Mommy said she loves that I started doing that. Sometimes I'll grab her necklace while I eat if she's wearing one, but I never pull on it, I just hold on tight! 

Oh, remember how I got to meet my Auntie Christina a couple of weeks ago? I told you that she made me a really cute shirt with my name on it. She made one for Blake and Alivia, too. Here's a picture of the three of us wearing our shirts. Don't even ask me what I was thinking at the time, though... I can't remember!

Aunt Christina took a bunch of pictures of me while she was here, and she just sent them to Mommy this week. Mommy says this is one of her favorites. She loves it when I make silly faces!
Well, I'm starting to get pretty tired and I'd like Mommy to feed me before I go to bed for the night. Thanks for reading. See you next week!



  1. Too cute... lovely baby. and what a gem to be sleeping most of the night? My little buggers woke through the night until they left home... not really but it aeemed that long! LOL

  2. Hi, Michelle (and little Elly!). Thanks for the comment on my blog. So nice to meet you. What a fun blog you have and a great way to keep track of Elly's development.

    (Love your pooch's name, btw! We're still trying to come up with good names for ours. I have lots of girl name ideas, but not so many good ones for boys).

  3. Awwww....completely sweet and adorable!!! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos with us. Hugs! :)

  4. Michelle, it's so funny that the one name I kept coming back to for one of our dogs is one of your top 3 boy dog names! I think Charlie might end up being the "real" name of our one new boy.




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