Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 8: Thoughts from Elly

Wow, every week goes by so fast! Mommy says she'd like to post on here, herself, every now and then, but before she knows it, it's already my turn again!
Well, I've now been kicking around this green earth for eight weeks, already!

At the beginning of this week, Mommy and I went down to visit Oma, Papa, and Uncle Chris. Aunt Jen, Uncle Lance, Alivia, and Blake also came over! It was so fun to see everybody again! Alivia kept saying over and over, "Baby Elly is so little!" She wanted to hold me a lot, but after awhile she would say, "Take Baby Elly back, now."
While I was playing with Papa and Mommy, you wouldn't believe what I figured out how to do! Just watch this to find out:

That's right! I started laughing this week! Mostly, I laugh when I'm looking at the ceiling fan. I also like to laugh when I see this great big black and white picture in our living or when Mommy and Daddy make silly noises and faces at me. 
My trip ended too soon, but we had to get back home so Mommy and Daddy could take me to another party! I was really popular, again. People sure do love to hold me! And I think it's so great. I never get upset or fussy, I just hang out or sleep the whole time! Oh, and everyone there was really impressed with how strong I am! Mommy was right... my tummy  time has paid off!
Two of my other baby friends were there along with another who'll be showing up in the spring. We all took a picture together. Can you tell I'm the oldest one there? Well, as long as you don't count the girl in pink!
I even got to have my picture taken with Santa! Don't worry, I know that it's really Mommy and Daddy who give me presents at Christmas, but isn't the Santa story fun to celebrate?
Mommy and I have had a pretty good time together this week. I had a lot of visitors! Mommy has some really good friends to help her out! She's really glad about that, especially since Daddy had to work late a lot this week.
On Wednesday, Daddy was so happy that the work on his new garage finally got started. First, they had to dig out the stump of a really big tree that used to be in the backyard. That meant they had to take down the fence and do lots of grinding and digging! It looks crazy back there right now! The shed in the picture is in our neighbor's backyard. The garage will go in the back corner, there, right next to the big shed, so hopefully we won't be able to see it anymore!
This week ended on kind of a scary note. After Mommy took me upstairs last night to change my diaper, we were heading back down and she slipped on one of the steps. Her only thought was to keep me safe! I was so scared, though!! She screamed for Daddy who came and held me while I cried. Then Mommy took me back and checked me for any bumps and bruises while I ate a little bit to calm down. She didn't find a single scratch on me!

However, she did notice that her elbow looked really swollen. She showed it to Daddy and asked him to get some ice, but he thought she should get it checked out by the doctor. We all headed down to the Urgent Care clinic so she could get X-rayed to make sure everything was okay. They said nothing was broken, which was a big relief! Her elbow looked so crazy that Mommy and Daddy were both sure it had been dislocated. Luckily, it was nothing more than bursitis, which heals itself with rest, ice, and ibuprofen. Daddy took a picture of her elbow... it looks painful!! (PS. Besides that crazy elbow, Mommy is surprised by how skinny her arm looks! She always thinks she has fat arms!!)
The swelling has already gone way down, though. Now, it's mostly just a really huge bruise on her arm!
Well, it was quite an adventurous week for me! Next week I have my 2-month check-up! I'll also have to remind Mommy to take my picture on our round chair so we can see how much I've grown over the last month. Lots, I bet!! I'll be sure to let you know!

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  1. Ellie,
    Wow, what a week you had! It was great to see you at the party, even though I slept through most if it. Maybe next time we hang out I'll be more awake. And I'm really glad you and your mommy are okay after the slip on the stair. I know my mommy is also scared of this happening. That must be why they hold us extra tight when we go down the steps. Tell your daddy to leave room for a swing set! Happy 2 month birthday and big hugs!

    Your friend, Evelyn



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