Sunday, August 21, 2011

Questions: Socialism Edition

I often have questions about the way others' brains process information, especially political and economic information. So, here are some of those questions that have sprung up recently.

1. Do you understand what Medicare is? You tax every single person who works. That money goes into a fund. That fund then pays out health benefits to every single person over the age of 65. Whether or not you think they deserve it. THAT IS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

2. I was recently driving behind a car that had BOTH of these bumper stickers on it, right next to each other. Again, do you understand what teaching is? You tax every single person who works AND every single person who owns property. That money goes into federal, state, and local treasuries. Budgets are created that dole out that money among various public programs, including SCHOOLS. Ahem, teacher salaries. THAT IS SOCIALIZED EDUCATION.

3. You're worried about turning into SOCIALIST CANADA? According to the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom put together annually by the Heritage Foundation (a VERY conservative organization) and economists worldwide, Canada has a economy more free than that of the US. In fact, the US ranks 9th in the index. EIGHT COUNTRIES RANK HIGHER THAN AMERICA on the scale of economic freedom. Yes, yes, that means eight countries are more "laissez-faire," "free-market," "capitalist" than the grand old US of A. 

SO. While I, personally, call myself a democratic socialist, I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. HOWEVER. Learn what you're talking about, first. Don't just listen to the bobble-heads on the "news."


I beg of you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We bought a new fridge, we bought a new fridge! Our old fridge was at LEAST 25 years old and rusty and ugly and now... look!!! SO.HAPPY.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Snorfhounds are Crazier than One

Ramona often makes this sound that's somewhere between a snort and a cough, which I dubbed a "snorf." So, Eric and I have gotten into the habit of calling her "Snorfy."

Anyway, we've been watching her cousin Tabasco for a couple of weeks, and they're crazy together. And, he literally is her cousin. I think I wrote a post awhile back including pictures of the 6 or so greyhound ancestors they have in common. So, they basically look identical, with the exception of the white tip on Tabasco's tail. Oh, and his wanger.

Here's a funny video of them being snorfy in the backyard together.



Monday, August 08, 2011

Thoughts on Nothing (or Everything)

I normally don't start dreaming about school again until about a week before I go back. Well, harumph. This morning I woke around 5:30 am from a terrible school dream that was CLEARLY influenced by the rotten group I had last year.

In the dream, I was screaming frustratingly at a class of students who just didn't see the point of being there. I kept pausing my lecture to throw yet another wandering, inattentive student into the hallway. The parts I remember consisted of: you get to come to school for FREE, you need money to have power, you need education to get money, and you're wasting your FREE access to that opportunity.

I woke up right after saying something about how the amount of pay you earn is commensurate with the level of respect others hold for your work.

I woke up agitated.

Last year really tainted me (on another note, I think it's so fun to throw the word "taint" in as often as you can... a la Stephen Colbert). Four years of absolutely loving my job, and now anger. I really need this new school year to be better.

So then, browsing through my RSS feed just this morning (after not being able to fall back to sleep, due in part to my agitation and in part to my husband's brief bout of snoring), I read this, from eSchool News:
It seems everyone has an opinion about teachers and their profession these days … and most of them aren’t teachers.
Perhaps it would be a different matter if the conceptions of teaching were like those of NASA engineers: smart, genius! Or maybe like those of firefighters: brave, self-sacrificing! However, in our nation’s current climate, saying the word “teacher” is like Forrest Gump opening a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get, as teachers too often are seen as a convenient scapegoat for the perceived problems that are plaguing public education.
My thoughts:

  • Now I'm even more agitated, because everything there is true, but nobody cares. Nobody (outside of educators) will read that, and nobody will change their minds. Thanks for trying.
  • As a teacher, I get very little respect. From other professionals, from students, from administrators, and (perhaps most telling) from the "People in Charge."
  • I'm having trouble continuing to believe that it's worth it.

That is all.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sweet Saturdays: New Books

Eric went to the bookstore today and picked up some new books for Elly belly. The Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems are just to die for, and they have the sweetest lessons.

And isn't Little Bear's Friend just adorable?

Check out the other participants over at this week's Sweet Saturday.

Monday, August 01, 2011

A list of things of late

Elly is a kicking machine! Before becoming pregnant, I was under the seriously incorrect impression that a fetus might kick a couple of times a day. Um, right. Sometimes I think she's working on her audition tape to be the next Karate Kid! I like to watch my belly dance.

I spent the week with my sister. We went to the beach and spent lots of time together playing with the babies. I love Alivia to a bazillion pieces, but I'm so glad mine won't come out her age! SO.MUCH.ENERGY. Phew!

My baby brother was riding his moped Friday night, fell off, and was run over by a truck. His legs are very badly broken and it will be months before he can walk again, but that seems to be the extent of his damages. It's scary and stressful, but he's pushing through. Love him.

We're planning to start our house renovations this week. Bathroom will be completely gutted and redone, nursery will be painted and prepped for the little one, kitchen will get some cosmetic improvements. Sometime this month (hopefully sooner than later) the driveway and garage will be constructed, as well. After that, we'll have a picket fence put around the perimeter of our property. Hooray!

Ramona's cousin, Tabasco, is coming over on Wednesday for a three week stay. Can't wait to hang out with our favorite pup that isn't Ramona :)

I bought my new August to August planner, yesterday. I love getting new calendars and filling them up. It makes me happy.

Eric and I started our Hypnobirthing class last week. It meets for five weeks. We're really looking forward to discovering more about the birthing process and preparing for Elly's arrival!



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