Sunday, January 08, 2012

Week 11: Thoughts from Elly

This past Thursday marked 11 weeks for me! I'm getting so much stronger and smarter about the world around me!

The previous week also marked the beginning of 2012. On New Year's Eve, Mommy and Daddy took me out to one of their favorite bars so I could meet Heather, who was working that night. She has been friends with Daddy for about 10 years, and friends with Mommy ever since she started hanging out with Daddy, about 7 years ago. Heather was so excited to meet me! She had been having a bad week and said that holding me made her forget about all the bad things for a little while. I tend to have that effect on people!!
We went back home around 8pm and Mommy got me ready for bed. I think she and Daddy stayed up for a little while to watch the ball drop in Times Square on the TV, but I slept right though it! The next morning, though, Mommy made sure to tell me that the new year really did begin!

Also, I learned this week that one of Mommy's coworkers had a baby boy on New Year's Eve. I hope I get to be friends with him!

Over the weekend, we got to take care of another greyhound whose mommy was going out of town. Her name was Stella. I was so curious about her! I looked and looked at her. Mommy explained to me that she's a greyhound, just like Ramona. I was a little confused, though, because they look similar, but they were different colors! I'm sure it will make more sense to me, someday! She was just like Ramona,  though! They both loved just laying around being lazy! Silly doggies!
This week, Mommy and Daddy had to find child care for me since Mommy is going back to work in 2 weeks. They interviewed a few people and found a great place just a few minutes from Mommy's school. In fact, it turns out that it's actually the mommy of one my Mommy's students! What a lucky coincidence! The woman's name that will be taking care of me is Stephanie, and she seems really nice. She told me that as long as Mommy's not nearby listening, she'll sing to me all day long. Hooray! I love it when people sing to me! Mommy said she's sure going to miss me, though!
A few days this week were really hard for me because my reflux was acting up. When my tummy starts really hurting me, I cry and squirm. Those are the times when I really just want Mommy to hold me and make me feel better. 
Daddy's garage build is coming along. They've built the foundation and dug out the driveway, and now both are just waiting for the concrete to be poured. There have been a couple of snafus that have slowed down the process, but it's all getting worked out. Mommy and Daddy are both really excited for the project to be complete! Mommy is going to have a great time creating a new landscaping design this spring and summer, especially since she didn't get to do anything out there last year since she was pregnant with me!
On Wednesday, Mommy and I went to the breast feeding group (the one where I met Evelyn a few weeks ago) where she was able to weigh me. I'm already up to 12 lbs, and that was before I ate anything! Mommy had to put away a few of my 0-3 month clothes this week since I'm growing so much! There are some brands that still fit me, but not all! This is a 3-6 month outfit Mommy gave me for Solstice/Christmas. It's a little bit big, but I'm growing into it really quickly!
Thursday night, I got to go to dinner with Mommy, Daddy, Ronda, and Travis. They had steaks and I had a nice, long nap! I always like to take naps whenever we're out. All that noise puts me right to sleep! Ronda and Travis are really nice. They're going to be adopting a baby from South Korea sometime soon, and I think they're going to be great parents! I can't wait to be best friends with their baby, too! Ronda gave me a new outfit while we were visiting. Check out how cute I look!
Well, that about covers this week. Thanks for stopping by!


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