Tuesday, March 20, 2012

+1, and Things I Know

Things I know about Elly:

  • Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! I wish I knew what she was trying to say. But, I think I'm pretty good at guessing :)
  • This girl wants to be on the move! She kicks and kicks in an effort to get places. It hasn't worked yet, but I'll be surprised if she's not crawling within a month!
  • She is just so happy and very social. She smiles and laughs at every new face she sees, no matter how tired she is. 
  • She rolls over both ways, now. I've checked in on her in her crib to find her sleeping sweetly on her tummy. Other times, though, she wakes up screaming when she realizes which direction she's facing.
  • Her feet and toes are now as active as her hands. She's constantly bringing her feet together, kicking and waving them around, and grabbing at her toes.
  • She reaches for anything she wants and tries to put it in her mouth. The best is when she reaches for Mommy or Daddy's face because that's what she wants right then. I think it's her own sweet way of hugging us and saying she loves us.
  • She has really become a cuddle-bug. She always liked being held, but now when she's being held upright, she'll lay her head down on your shoulder/chest and snuggle in for cuddles. It is SO sweet.
  • We've been letting her smell the different foods and spices we're cooking or eating. It's so fun to watch her face light up when she smells something she likes. Last night, she almost got her mouth around some chocolate fro-yo Mommy was letting her sniff!
  • Bath time is getting even more fun... and much more messy! She's learned how to splash water everywhere! 
  • She's becoming proficient at the crocodile tears when she wants attention. It's still pretty cute :)
  • Her face is very expressive! She has a look for everything! It's fun to try to guess what she's thinking at any given time based on the look on her face. She also has very pouty lips and big, dazzling eyes.
  • Every day when I pick her up from the sitter, I say "Elly!" She laughs. Every time. Hearts and love! So happy to be her Mommy!!


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