Saturday, March 03, 2012

Four Months

Elly turned four months way back on Feb. 20 and, while I was able to take her photos on the right day, I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

Here are her four month photos.

Things I know about Elly:

  • She is very laid-back and usually happy. She smiles and laughs at everyone and everything.
  • She does great at the sitter's during the day, and even naps in her Pack n Play!
  • She loves to be awake and will fight falling asleep. She's even started doing the cute, rub my eyes because I'm so tired, thing. Her naps will range in length from 15 minutes to 3 hours. And she usually wakes up perfectly rested from any of them.
  • She still really loves to cuddle with Mommy.
  • She now definitely knows and loves Daddy. She laughs and laughs whenever he's around.
  • Every now and then, I'll get a good belly laugh out of her. Sometimes she even snorts when she's really laughing hard. It is to die for.
  • She never really spent any time staring at her hands - she just started using them. She's grabbing at anything she finds interesting, as evidenced by the picture. It melts my heart when she reaches toward my face, because I'm what she wants right then.
  • She's much more tolerant of time on her tummy, now. Probably since she can roll over. She's also much stronger so I'm sure she doesn't get so tired while "exercising."
  • She's stopped sucking on her entire fist, and seems to prefer her thumb and index finger (at the same time). It looks like she's trying to whistle.
  • She is ADORED by all who meet her, most especially by her cousin, Alivia!
  • She's waking up more often during the night. I'm told if you google "4 month sleep regression," you'll find pages of info about it.
  • She is starting to drool a lot. My whole family were big droolers. Lucky trait to inherit!
  • She still loves bath time, but is getting a bit too big for her PUJ tub. However, she can't sit up on her own in the sink, yet, so we've tried different variations of tub and sink to find something that works.
  • Her thighs are deliciously chunky.
Oh! And her stats from her 4-month appointment are: 14 lb, 10 oz and 25 3/4 inches. She's moved up to about the 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Look out!



  1. I can't believe she is 4 months already! She sure is a adorable :)

  2. I just want to eat her up. Good thing I don't live closer, she'd have nibble marks all over her cute face :) haha

  3. she is just adorable!!! I can't believe its been 4 months already!!

  4. 4 months already?! Wow! She's growing fast! lol Adore her photos.



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