Monday, May 28, 2012


Eric and I did a bunch of yard work today. I'm always really good about sunblock, but failed to think about the chance that my shirt would come up a bit in the back when I bent over. Now, I have a sizzling burn about 2 inches wide at its center, tapering off at either end across the small of my back. Yowch!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Handmade Joy Exchange

Back in March, Anne over at My Giant Strawberry invited her readers to participate in what she dubbed a "Handmade Joy Exchange."

From her post:
I know one thing that brings me (and you, too) Joy is receiving packages in the mail. Packages from friends or family who live far away, packages filled with goodies we've treated ourselves to, packages from blogging friends. Any sort of package, actually, is a Joy to find sitting on my doorstep. Sending packages is also Joyful. Choosing pretty wrappings, tucking in surprises, waiting to hear that the package has arrived. 
Are you interested? Would you like to send a package and receive one, too? Would you like to make something special and add a little Joy to the world?
How this will work:
1. You email me (anne at mygiantstrawberry dot com) with your name and mailing address. If you have a website or blog, send that, too, so I can pass that along to your exchange partner.2. I match you up with someone (this will not be the same person sending a package to you... who you're getting a package from will be a surprise!).3. You make something for your exchange partner. What sort of something is entirely up to you. Paint, crochet, knit, sew, draw, photograph, bead, embroider, sculpt, write... there are no requirements other than you make it (and it brings you Joy!).4. You send off your piece of handmade Joy.5. You receive a package full of Joy.
Sound good? I hope so! This exchange is open to everyone no matter where you live or what sort of art or craft you like to do. 
I was so excited about the idea, I signed up right away! I was lucky enough to be matched up with Vixie from Matin Lapin. I spent some time browsing around her blog to get a feel for what she might like. I loved all of her pretty little ideas, but the best are her "my favourite things" each week. However, I felt most inspired by a post she titled "full of hot air." She included loads of images of hot air balloons, both modern and vintage. She also wrote:
London is bursting with spring more and more each day, but I still often find myself daydreaming about escaping the city and flying off on another exciting adventure.

With that in mind, I have put together a little wishlist of hot air balloons – can you imagine flying through Europe in a balloon? Heavenly!
I couldn't resist! The image of flying around on an adventure in a hot air balloon seemed very romantic. So, I sketched up a cute image of a hot air balloon high in the sky, picked out some floss, and started stitching. I decided to mat it with some scrapbooking paper I have. I think it turned out so cute! I hope she loved it.

A few days after I shipped my little package off to London, I received my own box of handmade joy. I was so excited to find out what was waiting for me! My gift came from Sharon (Anne's momma!), who blogs at sallymomsprouts.

What a cute package!

There was even a matching card, inside :)

It was so fun for me to look through the lovely, hand-stamped cards she made for me. Each one was different.

But, the best part was that she included tools for me to make my own stamped cards! M for Michelle :)

What do you think?

Thanks so much to Anne for hosting this Handmade Joy Exchange! I loved it, and would be thrilled to participate again, sometime!

And, for even more joy, check out the other participants:


Thursday, May 10, 2012

This girl is something else

Today when I picked Elly up, the sitter said, "This girl is something else. I love her to death."

1. How comforting to hear from the person who takes care of my daughter all day.
2. I agree wholeheartedly!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Some more 6 month photos and Things I Know

Things I know about Elly:

  • She's getting better and better about sitting up on her own! If she tips to one side in her high chair, she's pretty good about straightening herself back up.
  • She wants to put everything into her mouth!  
  • She is still very social and happy. Riding in the car, she'll jabber away, interspersing her commentary with some pretty good belly laughs. And she smiles at everyone her looks her way.
  • She's not crawling, but has gotten really good at twisting and spinning herself around to get where she wants.
  • She is very good at entertaining herself, but if Mommy is in the room, she will undoubtedly protest if she's not being held!
  • We're working on being gentle when grabbing at Mommy and Daddy's faces. She seems to be listening when I explain the difference to her, and she's working on understanding.
  • This girl LOVES her Daddy! She always wants him in her sight and is full of giggles and smiles just for him!
  • She and Crabby have such a good time in the bath. Occasionally she'll stick her toe in the faucet (I let the water run during her bath) just right so that water sprays out everywhere!
  • She has figured out how make the "ma" sound, but its use it still very rare.
  • Her bedtime routine starts around 7pm. It's a bath and lotion, pjs, story from Daddy, nursing, and bed. I'm trying to get her to fall asleep in her bed instead of at the boob. She usually stays asleep for a couple of hours and we can soothe her back to sleep. Some nights she still ends up in our bed, though.
  • She likes to try to drink water from our cups. I'm trying to teach her how to do it with the cap from one of her bottles - I'm using it as an Elly-sized cup. I'll help her drink from it, and then let her try it on her own. So far, it just ends up upside-down with water everywhere, but we'll get there!
  • She's a big eye-rubber when she's tired. It is SO cute.
  • When she has something to say, she wants you to HEAR it! Her babbles can get rather loud and excited! I love her enthusiasm :)
  • She's still very good in the car. She just talks to herself until she falls asleep. It's really helpful on long car rides!
  • She is a short napper. Unless I am holding her, in which case she will literally nap for 3 hours. I LOVE the long cuddles, but sometimes I have to pee!
  • She is so fun and sweet. I love, love, love her!!



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