Thursday, June 21, 2012

A few more Eight Month photos and Things I Know

I just couldn't pick my favorite this time around! Elly is such a fun girl! Although, right now she's yelling at me because she wants to type on the keyboard and drink Mama's coffee. Stay a baby a bit longer, my love!

It's getting more and more difficult to take a picture of Elly without some part of it coming out blurry. She is always on the move!

 This is her saying, "Yay! I'm so big! I just can't hold in all of my excitement!"

A bit more pensive as she thinks about how much she loves her Owlie's foot.

While I know I failed to document what I knew about Elly at seven months, I don't want that to be an excuse for me to end the practice. I sure do love looking back over the months and seeing how much she's changed! I mean, just look at this photo of her at one month...

Things I know about Elly:

  • No teeth yet! I keep hearing from other breastfeeding mamas about trouble with biting and nipping at this age. Not us! Her cousin Blake didn't get his first tooth until nine months... I imagine we'll wake up one morning and she'll suddenly have four teeth in there!
  • No forward action on the crawl, yet. I am finally learning that these things take time! She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. When that doesn't work, she'll get all the way up on her hands and feet (imagine the Downward-facing Dog yoga pose). Occasionally her knees scooch forward while she's rocking, but ultimately she moves backwards. This makes her very angry. So, she'll yell for a bit, and then resort to rolling wherever she needs to go. 
  • Our bedtime routine is down, pat. I can get her to bed at night in about 20 minutes, including her bath. Basically, she bathes, gets her lotion rub-down, jammies, story from Daddy, nursing, I read (or recite) "I'll See You in the Morning," sing "Baby Mine" to her while she burps, turn on her cd player, lay her down with puppy, press play on her Black Sabbath Rockabye Baby CD (yes, she goes down with Black Sabbath!), touch her head and say, "I love you, good night." The end! No fuss, no tears.
  • This, however, is a different story when Mama leaves the house for the evening and Daddy is in charge of bedtime. He knows all the steps/tricks, but sometimes Baby just wants her Mama. I think it's good for her to understand, though, that things can't always be exactly the way you're used to -- is it too early for her to learn about rolling with the punches? 
  • She tries so hard to talk. She'll move her mouth like she's chewing the air, and then put her lips together, concentrate, "uuunnnmmmmhh," and then "Ba!" her mouth pops open. She can make all sorts of sounds (da, ma, ba, ga, etc.) but when she's really trying to talk, it's always "Ba!" Soon enough, baby.
  • She absolutely loves sitting on the front porch watching the cars drive by. It's especially fun for her when Daddy is holding her and pretending that they're driving a car together really fast. She loves the "Vroom" sound and getting tossed around whenever they have to "shift."
  • She's just started sort of dancing to music. I saw her do it the other day when she was playing with her drum. She kind of sticks her neck out like a duck and lifts her shoulders up and down. So cute!!
  • We're now two months into solid foods. She eats rice cereal with the sitter, but at home we just share our food with her, following the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach. She still doesn't get much of it down, as she has no teeth, but is definitely getting better at swallowing her food! Last weekend we shared some corn on the cob with her, and the next day I counted nine kernels of corn in her diaper! Yes, I counted the corn in her diaper as I was rinsing it into the toilet. She makes me a proud Mama :)
  • She is most playful in the mornings. This is not so great for her tired, most-definitely-not-morning-people parents, but it definitely starts the day out on a pleasant note. 
  • She started giving hugs and kisses this month. Her hugs consist of grabbing both sides of your face and pulling it toward hers. Kisses are usually just for Mama and only when she's really alert and paying attention. Then, I can say "Kiss!" and she'll lean toward me for a wet smacker. I love it!
  • This girl loves men! She's really smiley for anyone she meets, but is just enamored by men who make faces for her. Especially bearded men! She just stares at them with an ever-growing smile across her face. The more they look over at her, the bigger and more excited that smile gets! She's such a little flirt, but who can resist her?
  • She wants so badly to be best buddies with Ramona! However, Ramona is still a bit unsure about the whole situation. Occasionally, she will let Elly touch one of her legs for a bit, but will ultimately move out of her reach. Elly is pretty good about keeping her hands to herself around the dog (for now), but laughs and giggles if Ramona's face gets near hers (this rarely happens, as Ramona is fairly aware of the baby's whereabouts, but every now and then she gets up close during a snuggle session with Daddy and doesn't realize how close she is to Elly!). My parents' dog Vicki is much more forward, and Elly cracks up whenever Vicki licks her face or hands.
  • Recently in the car, I had the radio playing. Elly was babbling in the back, so I turned down the radio to hear her. Her babbling stopped, so I turned the radio back up, and she started going again. I think she was singing along with the music!

And, for a little taste of what she looks like when she's "yelling" at me--this was her the other morning. I was trying to take a picture of her with my phone, but she just wanted to take the phone and chew on it. Of course, I kept pulling it away from her for the photo. So, she's not sad here, she's just saying, "Mama! I'm so mad at you right now because you won't let me chew on your phone! Argh! You're the meanest mommy in the whole world!!"

I love you, too, babe.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

She sure can rock and roll

While Elly may not be crawling yet, she sure can rock and roll!





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