Saturday, July 21, 2012

Missing Pictures

Yesterday was Elly's 9 Monthiversary! We both have colds and I didn't get her pics taken. That will be happening today, at which time I will update with the pics and things I know about her.

In the meantime, look at what I did!

At one of my baby showers, we decorated little onesies for Elly. Here she is in a few :)

She's already outgrown them all, but I wanted to be able to keep them for her. Many of them have her name on them, plus they were all made especially for her, so they couldn't go to anyone else. And who wants to keep a stack of onesies to look through some day?

I just cut out the fronts of the onesies, arranged them so that the columns were about even in length, sewed them together, and used receiving blankets to edge the front and create the backing. I love it!



  1. What a great idea!!

    Loved that post about Congress. And the greyhounds loved the video of Elly. As soon as they heard you talking to her, their ears perked up and they both got up from their pillows. :) She's such a sweetie. I loved the dance she did, so proud of herself.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!



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