Monday, August 20, 2012

Ten Months and Things I know

My little bean is 10 months old! She gets more wonderful by the day. Here are a few photos from today.

You can see one of her little top teeth in this one!

Things I know about Elly:

  • She has teeth! Last month, she didn't have a single tooth, nor was there any sign that they would be coming anytime soon. Four weeks later, and she has three of them! Her bottom right tooth and both of her top front teeth.
  • She LOVES to stand! She pulls up to stand on anything she can get ahold of. She can also cruise along the couch, and once or twice ventured from the couch to my shoulder (while I was sitting on the floor against the couch). I can tell she wants to let go and stand on her own, but she's still a bit too nervous for that.
  • She doesn't cry very often, and usually only when she is REALLY tired or in real pain. It's been happening more often of late with those teeth coming in. It is such a sad, heartbreaking sound! Luckily, it can usually be solved by some cuddles with Mommy.
  • She loves to look at and play with other kids. She wants to touch them and be near them and do what they're doing (especially if they're older than her!). She adores both of her cousins, Alivia and Blake. She definitely inherited Daddy's social personality!
  • She waves at everyone, especially at herself in the mirror and at the dog. For a while, she just kind of stuck her arm straight out, but didn't actually wave it up and down. We had our friends Agnieszka and Bryan over for dinner one night, and every time she stuck her arm out, Bryan would kiss her hand all the way up to her shoulder. She would giggle and hold her arm back out for more! Such a flirt :)
  • I'm positive that she says "Ramona." It's more like "neh-neh," but she says it every time she sees the dog, and then waves. We were at my parents' house this weekend, and she also said "neh-neh" whenever she saw their dog! So, for now at least, it looks like every dog might be a "Ramona."
  • She gets distracted by every sound she hears, especially when I'm trying to nurse her. She loves to pop off and look around to find the source of whatever it was she just heard. Her favorite is when she pops off and sees Daddy right there. She gets a huge smile on face and leans back to get a better look at him.
  • She still goes down for naps and at bedtime great, but hasn't improved at all on her nighttime wakings. We're working on it.
  • Black beans and chicken are some of her favorite foods right now. Oh, she also loves to eat her little cereal puffs out of the snack container. It's the kind with the rubber flaps that let her take the cereal out but prevents it from just spilling. She tries to grab an entire fistful and pull out as many as she can at once. Then, she'll go in for more, not realizing that she still has one or two pieces in her other hand.
  • She still loves water. I'm so glad! I'm going to hold off on giving her any kind of juice for as long as possible. As long as she'll take plain water with such gusto, I'll let her at it!
  • This girl LOVES to eat paper. Now that she has teeth on the top and bottom, her paper-destruction skills are significantly improved. She can spot the teeniest piece of paper on the carpet and will make a beeline for it, stuffing it straight into her mouth. At least it always makes it out the other end...!
  • We upgraded her to the convertible car seat this month. She just seemed to uncomfortable in the infant carrier. We'll still take that one with us to Holland next month, and she'll be fine, but for every day travel, it's so much better to have the bigger, more upright seat. When it arrived and I took it out of the box, she crawled right over to it and wanted to get in. So, I buckled her up and took some pictures. She loved it!
  • She is so respectful of the dog's space, which is great, but she CANNOT keep her hands out of the water bowl! Usually, she crawls up to it and reaches up with one arm to splash in the water. Yesterday, though, I found her up on her knees with both hands in the bowl, splashing to her heart's content! It was cute, but we really have to work on that!
  • And finally, if I didn't mention it before (I did), teething is no fun. My poor, poor little babe.

Oh my heart, my love, my joy!!

Saturday, August 04, 2012


This week, Elly started waving! And who was the very first person she waved at? Herself, of course! In the mirror :)

Thursday, August 02, 2012


I know a CRAZY LARGE amount people that have had babies this summer. It's bonkers!

  1. Avett, April 12
  2. Connor, May ?? (oops!)
  3. Darby, July 5
  4. Hykie, July 5
  5. Emmett, July 5
  6. Scarlett, July 11
  7. Katelyn, July 26
  8. Noah, August 2
  9. Claire, August 2
  10. Gilad, August 2 (if all goes as planned, today!)
  11. Joshua, coming any day!
  12. GIRL, due in September
  13. Ellie, due in December

Now, I guarantee I forgot someone! But look! That's a long list! And girls!!

On another, somewhat related note, I saw a post about this the other day. It's a Chrome extension that claims the following for your Facebook feed:

  1. INSTALL. Hit that giant button down there and configure the extension.
  2. BROWSE. Refresh Facebook. Any baby pics will now be cats.
  3. REJOICE. Now you don't have to look at all your friends' annoying kids.
HA! Classic.

Here's what Elly thinks of that idea.... :)



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