Thursday, August 02, 2012


I know a CRAZY LARGE amount people that have had babies this summer. It's bonkers!

  1. Avett, April 12
  2. Connor, May ?? (oops!)
  3. Darby, July 5
  4. Hykie, July 5
  5. Emmett, July 5
  6. Scarlett, July 11
  7. Katelyn, July 26
  8. Noah, August 2
  9. Claire, August 2
  10. Gilad, August 2 (if all goes as planned, today!)
  11. Joshua, coming any day!
  12. GIRL, due in September
  13. Ellie, due in December

Now, I guarantee I forgot someone! But look! That's a long list! And girls!!

On another, somewhat related note, I saw a post about this the other day. It's a Chrome extension that claims the following for your Facebook feed:

  1. INSTALL. Hit that giant button down there and configure the extension.
  2. BROWSE. Refresh Facebook. Any baby pics will now be cats.
  3. REJOICE. Now you don't have to look at all your friends' annoying kids.
HA! Classic.

Here's what Elly thinks of that idea.... :)


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